Best Places To Live In

Wanna know the top cities to leave for this year? NomadPub has mined tons of user-generated data to collect the hits that have topped the rankings of 50 best conglomerates in terms of convenience to live and attractions to admire.

Which are the key factors of perfect matching the city for your plans to live there? Some people think they include a strong economy, developed infrastructure, and the ability to innovate. Others dream about proximity to nature, outdoor experiences, and clean air as a liveable and lovable space. Though no one can find a universal answer, there are some important indexes to take into consideration. When you search for a place to call it your home, it’s wise to consider higher rates of the following criteria:

  • Affordability;
  • Education;
  • Job market;
  • Safety;
  • Wellbeing.

Costs of Living

We have determined how much you need to live in a new place as the price of goods and services greatly varies from one region to another. Your expenses are tied to income, as salary levels in a geographic area are measured against them. “Cost of living” is the amount of money you can afford to sustain your usual lifestyle, that covers expenses on:

  • Housing costs;
  • Transportation;
  • Food;
  • Entertainment;
  • Long-term goals.


We have created a ranking that takes a holistic view of the city’s quality of life, prosperity, infrastructure, institutions, possibilities for living, tourism, or business. To get a sense of the rhythm for each city we provide the indexes of the following categories:

  • Healthcare (how healthy individuals and the entire community are);
  • Employment (average commute times and unemployment rates);
  • Public Safety (property and violent crime rates);
  • Educational attainment (the rate of local college graduates);
  • Programming (arts performing, nightlife, dining, and shopping).

Migration Statistics

We took into consideration the cities with positive net migration rates over the past decade. This is a good indication to tell much about a country. It is important to consider all revolving social, political, economical, and environmental factors to push the migrants out. So you can be sure that more people are entering than leaving these areas.

If enough is as good as a feast for you, you should remember about the endless opportunities of thousands of smaller communities in the neighborhood of large cities with the same perks.

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