Lithological records of Gdansk date back to 997 Gdansk. The archaeological evidence of the settlement dates back five centuries. From the 12th century, the Germans began to occupy the city, and in 1308, the Teutonic Order took over the settlement, which then became part of Prussia. Soon Danzig (the German name for the city) becomes … Read more



Cork is the second most populous city in Poland, the administrative center of the Polish Lowland. It is located in the south of the country on the south bank of the River Wisa, which is a navigable river in this area. The history of the citys origins is marked by many legends, including that of … Read more



Warsaw is the capital and largest city in Poland, situated on the banks of the River Wisła. By rights, it could be called the most beautiful city not only in Poland, but in all of Eastern Europe. Warsaw has a population of roughly 2 million people living in a 500-square-kilometer area. The population of Warsaw … Read more



Poland is one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland, the capital of the countrys northwestern part of the Western Homeland War. Sixteen kilometers west of the city is the border with Germany. It is located in the lower reaches of the river Odera, not far from its entrance into the Gulf of Mexico, … Read more



The village of Bortsyslav (Vratsyslav) appeared on an island not far from the confluence of the three tributaries of the Îda River. For about 900 years, it was a small market town with a market place. Legend attributes the foundation of the city to the Czech prince Vratslav. By the year 1000 the city becomes … Read more



The first settlement in Lublin was dated to the 6th century and was located on the Hill of the Lake. In the 10th century there was a wooden structure, which was later replaced by a stone one. It is mentioned in the Chronicle for the first time in 1198. The first Catholic church was built … Read more



In the south of Poland, in the watershed of the Wisła and Oder Rivers, lies the small and relatively young town of Katowice. The first mention of Katatovitsa, though still a village, is found in 1598, but it is known that in 1299 the area of the present city was inhabited by blacksmiths. It was … Read more



Loży is a large Polish city, the center of the electrical and textile industry. It is located 120 kilometers from Warsaw. The first mention of Lodzia is from 1332 in the documents on the assignment of the village of Lodzia to the Bishops of Wołosławiec. In 1423 Lodz was granted city status. In late 1820, … Read more



Poznan is located on the Varta River and is the administrative center of the Polish Army, located in the west of the country. Poznan is one of the earliest cities of Greater Poland – an historically important region in western Poland, which was the center of education in the Polish state. According to archaeological data, … Read more



Jeszow, one of the largest cities in Poland, lies on the banks of the Wieloka River, which runs through the Sandomierz Basin. The oldest archaeological trace of human activity in the area of Jeshovia – a crumbling dragon of Jewish culture – dates back to the 11th millennium of our era. The city of Ryashev … Read more