Yangon – the main port, the largest city, the spiritual, industrial, and transport center and the former capital of Myanmar. It is 40 kilometers from the Andaman Sea in the lower reaches of the Yangon River. Earlier the city was called Rangoon. Yangon is in a sub-oceanic climate, where in the rainy season it is … Read more



Mandalay – a city in the center of Myanmar (Birma) on the river Irrawaddy. It is the countrys second-largest city. Founded in 1857 at the foot of the hill, Mandalay was originally intended to be the capital of the Kingdom of Birmingham. King Mynon began building the new capital for the 2,400th anniversary of the … Read more



The city of Nieuwieu is the new capital of the state of Mayenma (Biirma). It was the first time that the city was located here. The name of the new administrative headquarters of the country is translated as Korolovs country. Seventeen kilometers away is the city of Peignman, which is part of the Mandalay District. … Read more