Burgen – the largest city and port in western Norway. It is located on the coast of the Bogue Bay. It spreads out in a valley around high (900 meters) hills and occupies practically the entire surface of the Bergen Peninsula, which is cut by a thick network of fjords. It is cool in summer, … Read more



Tromsø – the largest city in northern Norway. It is located on the island of Tromsøya and Kvløya above the Polar Circle. Tromsø is unique in many ways. The climatic conditions are such that with a sufficiently cool summer (just over 10°) there are no chilly frosts in the winter and the sea is not … Read more



On the side of the fjord at the mouth of the River Niedeljöllew lies the town of Troyheim, the capital of the county of Sördöldelag. It is known for its traditional wooden houses, which stand up on their own feet. Todays buildings are a match for the classy architecture of the past centuries. The city … Read more



On the western coast of Norway, the city of Oljósünn (Aljósund) lies on the eastern coast of Norway in the County of Moërg-Römsdal. The streets of the city are mainly built with buildings and structures in the architectural style of Ahr- nouveau. The modern city of Olóñún is a port city and tourist center. Thanks … Read more



Oslo – the largest city and capital of Norway. It is located in the southeasternmost part of Norway, on the northern edge of the South Fjord. Because the port is the largest economic, cultural and educational center in Norway, it generates significant revenues for the citys budget, and serves about 100,000 ships a year. The … Read more



The city of Arundal, the capital of the county of Euste-Agdère, has opened in the mouth of the Nile River in Southern Norway. Its economic stability is based on the electrical industry, machine building, the quarry and the shipbuilding industry. In 1622, under a royal decree, the citys harbor was designated for the shipping of … Read more