San Juan del Sur


San Juan del Sur is a resort in Nicaragua on the Pacific coast, which is very popular with tourists, and locals do not mind relaxing here, especially on weekends and holidays. The town is often visited by cruise ships and looking out to sea you can always find one or two of them. About what … Read more



Managua – the capital of Nicaragua, the main industrial, financial and educational center of the country. The city spreads out on the southwestern shore of Lake Managua. The name comes from the synthesis of two words: –mangue» – the name of the Indian tribes, who had occupied this area, and «agua» – water. Managua is … Read more



The city of Lejeune is located in the same department and is its administrative center. From 1839 to 1857 it held high status and was the capital of the country. Leon founded Ernández de Córdoba not far from the rise of the Mombombombo Bacchus in the first quarter of the 16th century. In 1609, the … Read more