The borders of the Eastern Córdilleras are the Kochábaamá, which occupies a fertile plain in the vicinity of the jungle mountains. Its name has Indian roots and is translated in the Kochua language, once the most powerful among the others in the ancient Spanish period, as the Golden Plain. Cochabamba has the status of a … Read more

La Paz


The Department of La Paz was formed on the site of the Indian settlements of Chuquiago  and was first noticed in 1535 by Juan Sahavetra, a captain of the Spanish crown. After the end of the Civil War, the Spanish contingent moved into the territory. After years of intermarriage between Indians and Spaniards, revolts, and … Read more

Santa Cruz


The richest city in Bolivia, Santa Cruz is a suitable place to start a trip in Bolivia. In this city in the tropics at an altitude of 400 meters you can spend a couple of days resting from a long flight and acclimatize. Santa Cruz was founded by the conquistador Newflo de Chavez in 1561, … Read more

El Alto


To the west of Bolivia, in the Department of La Paz, lies the city of Elle Aulto. Until 1985, it was part of the urban area of La Paix. El Alto occupies an area on a desolate lowland plain and lies at an elevation of 3,850 meters. The city is made up of one rural … Read more