Terez – the second largest city after Vienna, with a population of more than twenty-five hundred and fifty thousand people. Grabars economy is based on machinery, brewing, textiles, chemicals and food industry. And the International Fair, held every year in Grabar, is an important commercial and industrial event in South-Eastern Europe. It is home to … Read more



Vienna – the federal capital of Austria, and one of the federal states of Austria, the sixth largest city in the EU. Like most European capitals, it has a Roman past. The capital of Antwerp was founded in 881 on the River Dunay. The city has no access to the sea. Vein is located in … Read more



The territory of the Land of Salzburg is occupied by mountains. In the south there are the High and Low Taujerin, in the center the Kölzüllen Alps, in the north the ridge of the Sälzkommmergut. In the mountain valleys the rivers gurgle. In particular, the rivers of the Dunay Basin – the Mura, the Szaljoch … Read more



The capital of the Austrian state of Tierra del Fuego is Innsruck. The earliest records of its history date back to 15 A.D., when the Romans occupied European lands. They also built fortresses and roads and developed the infrastructure of the occupied lands. Of great importance were the first missionaries who introduced the local Christians … Read more