Tegheraine – the capital and largest city of Iran, located at the foot of the Elbeurs River. First of all, the city is famous for its museums, of which there are many in Tehran, and for the beauty of its churches. The most popular are the Church of Kiev, built in the middle of the … Read more



Cheraz – an ancient city in Iran, the center of the ancient province of Fars. It is located at an elevation of 1,500 meters in the Hishok river valley, surrounded by the Tang peaks (Zagros system). To the south-east of the city lies the salt lake of Maharloo. The village of present-day Chiraz has been … Read more



150 kilometers from the city of Tehran lies the city of Koum, the capital of a single province. It is the sacred city of the Shichites. It has a Moslem shrine that is the second most important of its kind in En-Najaf. Nearby are deposits of natural gas and oil. ×A highway runs through Koum … Read more



In the north-eastern part of Iran is Mashhad, the main city of the province of Khorasan-Razavi. It is the main site of the Gara-Dagh and the Khazar-Darre. Mashhad has a well-developed transport infrastructure – there is a railroad, a railway station, and an international air port. About 900 kilometers from the city is Tehran, the … Read more



On the western bank of the Karoon River in western Iran lies the city of Ahraz, capital of the state of Khuzestan and the center of the iron and steel industry. The port city of Abadan, on the border with Iraq, is about 120 kilometers away. A hot, dry climate dominates the territory of the … Read more



At the foot of the Mountains of the Zayende Rood in Iran is the city of Ishahan, the capital of a single province. It is 340 kilometers from the capital city of Tehran. The urban area covers an area of land that is covered by significant transport routes that cross the country in different directions. … Read more



Near the salty Lake of Turkey, northwestern Iran, lies the city of Tehran, the capital of eastern Azerbaijan. It is known for its bazaar, which is home to 20 barracks and almost as many open crossings with commercial establishments. There are several standing courtyards. Most of the citizens are Azerbaijanis. Kurds and Persians also live … Read more