Kanangara, the metropolitan center of the Lulu Province, is located in the Democratic Republic of Korea. Nearby is the railway line between Lubomuchee and Illya. The territory of the city extended from the Lululea River, which is one of the arms of the river Kasai. The modern Kañang is one of the most important commercial … Read more



In Korea, in its northeastern part, the city of Kisangani lies in its northeastern part, in the province of Chopo. Before 1966 it was known as Stanville, named for its founder, Henry Morton Stanley, an African American researcher, journalist, and famous traveler. Originally founded as a small village in 1883, Kisangan is now the center … Read more



Cincasa – the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the banks of the Congo River, is one of the largest cities in Africa. In Quintambique – the city of Quinchasas, there are the beautiful sprawling sprawl and the «occhi» – The famous hotel, and in the administrative district of Gomebe, the Palace of … Read more



The city of Lubaumbacha, the metropolitan center of the Upper Katanga Province, lies on the land of the Democratic Republic of Korea. It is home to the famous copper mining and smelting center. From 1971 to 1997 the province was called Chaba. Then it got its present name. Since 1911, the city has had a … Read more



In the Democratic Republic of Korea, formerly the city of Mauritius, lies the city of Máji-Mayi. It is one of the countrys three largest population centers. The city, located on the banks of the Bouchemama River, is the central city of the Eastern Kasai Province. Until 1966, Májí-Májía was called Bacquinaga. Historically, it has been … Read more