Leyden – an ancient city located between Hague and Amsterdam in the Rhine Valley. He is known for artists such as Lucas Van Leyden, Jean Stenen and Remembrandt Van Reyna, as well as the botanist Cluysius, who first grew the oldest tulips in Holland and founded the oldest botanical garden in the world. Here is … Read more



The Dutch city of Orzecht has a very old history. The first human beings appeared here in the time of bronze. The city itself appeared in 50 A.D., when it was visited by the soldiers under the command of Corbulon. The city was called Òåêtum, which meant repertoire. The fortified camp housed 500 campers, while … Read more



Overall Score 4.3 Air quality: 29 US AQI OK Tap water: Yes, safe to drink Religious government: Non-religious Population: 56,000 people GDP: $45,753 / year Foreigners can own real estate: Yes Power outlets: 230V50Hz power-plug-c Internet: 29 Mbps Best wireless: Lebara Pay without cash: No, cash only esp. for foreigners because Albert Heijn still doesnt … Read more



Overall Score 4.3 Air quality: 29 US AQI OK Tap water: Yes, safe to drink Religious government: Non-religious Population: 17,000 people Population density: euro euro empty: 44x44m 1936m per person GDP: $45,753 / year Foreigners can own real estate: Yes Power outlets: 230V50Hz power-plug-c Internet: 50 Mbps Best wireless: Vodafone Pay without cash: No, cash … Read more

The Hague


Haagha is in fact the capital of the Netherlands. It is where the government and parliament meet, and where the parliament of the Crown meets. The local inhabitants call the city Grahaagenhage, by the way. The familiar name of the city to us is very strange. In terms of size, Hague is the third-largest city … Read more



Amsterdam – the largest city and capital of the Netherlands. The name of the city is based on its geographical location, because the original translation means Dam on the Amistee. Amsterdam is located at the mouth of two rivers: the Eue and Amistel, in the west of Netherland, in the province of Northern Holland. The … Read more



Coronignan – the largest city of the same province, located on the Channel of the Margaritimes. It is a port and is surrounded by a well-developed network of small canals. It is known in Groeningen, first of all, as a university city. About 30 percent of its population is made up of students. It has … Read more



In the south of Niederland in one of the largest provinces &nash; Northern Britain &nash; lies the city of Eisenhoven. The city is known for its high technology, such as Philips and the PSV football team. The first mention of the city in writing dates back to 1232, when Henry I of Brents was granted … Read more



Robert Amsterdam – the second-largest city in the Netherlands, the countrys industrial capital and one of the worlds largest ports. It is located in the lower reaches of the River Rhine and the Maas. The origin of the name comes from one of the many arms of the Maasas – the Rotaete, on which the … Read more



Niemegen – a city in the province of Gälderland. It is located on the river Vaal and is a river port. It is connected to the River Maas by a canal. Niemegen is considered the oldest city of Netherland, sharing its name with Maastricht. ×Human settlements and remnants of ancient settlements date back to the … Read more



On the banks of the Sparrow River lies the small city of Harlem, the capital of northern Holland. Twenty kilometers away is Amsterdam. It is located in the urban area of Amsterdam and is surrounded by the tulip fields. Its not far from the North Sea coast, only 7 kilometers away. Charlemagne is also known … Read more



The history of the Dutch city of Breda goes back to the 10th century AD. In 1252, this settlement received the rights and privileges of a city, as well as the right to build solid walls. As a result of dynastic ties, Breda belonged to the Oranian-Sasaunian Dynasty, which had a profound effect on the … Read more



Tilburg, one of the countrys scientific and educational centers, lies to the south of Niederland in the North Barents Province. The International University of Tileburg has students from many countries around the world. Numerous sports complexes, golf clubs, tennis courts, entertainment and shopping facilities are located on city streets. Groomed parks, recreation areas, sidewalks and … Read more



On the right bank of the River Eirelle lies the city of Covaruelle, the capital center of the province of Ovaruelle, which has retained its classy building of the streets until now. The citys name is translated in Dutch as Golden. In essence, the area that created Covellé was a marshland village. The first written … Read more



Teksel (Texel, Dutch: [ˈtɛsəl]) is an island in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. Texel is the largest and most populated of the West Frisian Islands. The island is the home of the community of the same name. Back in 1415, the island received city rights. The area under the Teksel Community Council … Read more



In the center of the Netherlands, Almere is one of the countrys youngest cities. It is located in the Foreverland Province. It was designed in the seventies of the 20th century. As a major transport and railway station, Almere has five railway stations and ten bus lines. Despite its young age, it is the largest … Read more



On the right bank of the Rhine in the eastern part of Netherland lies the city of Arnhem, the capital of Greater Zealand. ×Part of the citys territory is located in a hilly terrain surrounded by forested massifs and plains. Up until 70,000 years ago, non-Janadertals inhabited these areas. Written sources attest to the existence … Read more



The city of Leuvaarden is the center of the province of France, located in the Netherlands. The natural landscape, represented by the vast meadows and the many natural waterholes in the area, encouraged the birth and development of livestock farming. An unusual memorial to a cow in the city is a clear indication of this. … Read more



In the center of Netherland lies the city of Lelystad, the capital of the province of Flanders. It was founded in 1967 on a dry land. The city occupies an area that is five meters below the sea level. The dam, designed by Corranelis Lelley, of Germany, allowed the area on which Lelystad is located … Read more



On the right bank of the River Jessel in the eastern part of Netherland, the city of Devereign, the center of a single village, has sprung up. It is the publishing and industrial center of the country. At one time it was one of the Georgian cities. Every year, in the heat of summer, the … Read more