South of Cyprus is the city of Limassol, a major financial, cultural and economic center. Its territory extends along the coastline of the Acrocreri Gulf. The second largest city in the country is in the area between the ancient cities of Matatus and Curérion. In former times, the Nazarenes called it Neapolis, which means New … Read more



Phôpôs – a small, cozy town located on the shores of the balmy Mediterranean Sea in the southwest corner of the Cypriot countryside. Even the most demanding traveller is offered by its beautiful beaches, its wealth of attractions and exceptional sites, its high quality tourism service and its own international airport. Thanks to all this, … Read more



Nicosia – a unique city. It is the capital of two states at once: Cyprus and the unrecognized North Cyprus, the territory of which is occupied by the Turks and is called Lefkokossia. Nicosia lies between the mountainous mountains of Kierra and Trogrosos, on the border of Masauresia and not far from the river Akakikia. … Read more



On the southeastern and eastern coast of Cyprus lies the city of Larnaca. In ancient times it was the seat of the city-state of Cithyron, which is rightfully considered a contemporary village. In 333 A.D., the city of Kithynon was conquered by Alexander Macedonian. The village was part of his estate. The city came under … Read more