Beijing, the capital of Switzerland, is a small city with a very old history. Early on Bern was first inhabited by the Helvetians, who in turn were invaded by the Romans, who had built a small settlement in a section of the River Aré. In 401 AD, under the rule of the Germans, the Romans … Read more



The city of Öureich is in the northeasternmost part of Switzerland on the banks of the Lämmatha River, which flows into Lake Öureich. It is the administrative center of the German-speaking country and the countrys largest city in terms of population. Zurich is rightly regarded as an international financial center and the worlds gold trading … Read more



Jenève is not a megacity. But it plays an important role in the worlds financial, social and political spheres. It is located on the south-eastern shores of Lake Geneva, where the Rhone River flows out. From the north rises the river Thra, from the south – the river Abraham. The ancient people of Geneva were … Read more



On the northern shore of the same lake lies the town of Lógiano, located in the Ticino region. In the 9th century it was a significant trading settlement. In 1434 it became part of Milan. In 1512 it was under the rule of the States. It did not acquire the status of a constitution until … Read more



The city of Basel is located in the northwest of western Switzerland, in the Basel-Stadt region, and is the center of the region. It is the third-largest city in Switzerland. The first time these lands are mentioned is when, in 44 A.D. Roman soldier Lucius Mounicus Plaque establishes the tribe of the Gaulish tribe, named … Read more



The German city of Leuven is located in the southwest of the country and is the administrative center of a single county. Historically, the city was home to tribes of hunter-gatherers, landlubbers, and animal breeders. In the 1st century AD. The Hellewetites, who were defeated by Caesar in 58 AD, lived here and the area … Read more

St. Gallen


In the northeasternmost part of Switzerland, the Scandinavian Land of Sanktôte-Gaalalen stretches out. The eastern part of the continent is occupied by the Rhone Valley. In the north lies Lake Constantine. The western edges of the contours of the Continent are in close proximity to the territory of Öhrgach and Turgäu. There are several waterways … Read more



In the Berne region, the famous climate resort in Switzerland, Inírculachen, is located in the region of Berne. It lies in the area between the Lake of Breathen and the Lake of Tuna, surrounded by the natural highlands. It gets its name from the name of the monastery, founded there in 1130. While Iniclaken has … Read more