Wellington – the capital of New Zealand, the countrys second most populous city. The city is the largest capital of Oceania and the southernmost of the capitals of the world. Tê Phénénéau-à-têra (The Great Bay of Têra) – the name of the city in Malay language. Wellington is located in the south of the North … Read more



Craystercherch – a city in New Zealand on the South Island. It is the countrys third-largest in terms of population and territory and the largest on the island. It is located to the north of the Ohio River in an area called Pegasus Bay. ×A small river, the River Everon, runs through the city. Crustrustochurch … Read more



The American city of California is part of the state of California. The city is washed by the waters of the San Francisco Bay. If we take into account the temperature of the seasonal humidity, the climate of the island is close to that of the Mid-Seastern Mediterranean. Demographically, the three most developed groups are … Read more



In the lands of the Isle of Judea in New Zealand lies the city of Danidad, the capital center of the region of Otago. Its history dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The founders of the city are the Dutch. The first buildings were laid by them in 1848. Historically, Dunedin is … Read more



In the mouth of the River Derouyte, in the southeasternmost part of the easternmost island of Tasmania, lies the town of Hobart, founded in 1804. As the financial and administrative center of Tasmania, it serves as a port of call for the Antarctic expeditions of Austria and France. However, before the arrival of the foreigners, … Read more



Woollongong – a large city (2nd in the state) in New South Wales. It is east of the state, south of Seaside, and is the port of the Tasmanian Sea. Nearby the city are the Keira and Kemble Mountains and the Lake of the Lake of the Lake of the Lake of the Lake of … Read more



The city of Darwin – the smallest among the Arabian states and territories. At the same time he – the largest city of the Northern Territory. Darwin is located in the northwest corner of the Anaheim-Land Peninsula. It is flanked on three sides by the Gulf of France, Kouleen, and the DUrville cove of the … Read more



To the south of Austria lies the city of Melbourne. The first inhabitants of these lands were the Austro-Australian Aborigines. The first attempt to create a European settlement was in 1803. However, due to a number of reasons, the English had already left the village a few months earlier. The citys birthday is 30 June … Read more



The city of Adelaide, located in Southern Australia, is one of the economic and cultural centers of the country. It was founded in 1836, even though the Jews in the Adelaide Hills were inhabited by the Aborigines, who had an interesting culture. In particular, they organized forest fires as a form of religion. The Anglicans … Read more



Puert – the largest city in Western Australia, one of the largest ports of the Indian Ocean and the fastest growing mega-city in the African Union. It is traditionally one of the most livable cities in the world. Perths land is poorly suited for farming. But the nomadic tribes of aboriginal hunter-gatherers and hunters have … Read more



In the central part of Italy, the capital city of the country, Canberra, has sprung up. It is separated from Sydney by 280 kilometers and 650 kilometers from Melbourne. The territory of present-day Canberra was chosen for the construction of the future capital. The decision ended a dispute between Melbourne and Sydney, which were candidates … Read more



Cairns – one of the largest cities in the Caribbean, located on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula. The city is crisscrossed by the Mallegrove and Barron rivers, which flow into the Coral Sea. The Currès lies in a zone of hot, humid climate, surrounded by the sea and the Atretino Plain. The Currès … Read more



The city of Sidney is the oldest European settlement in Australia. This is the first time James Cook has visited these lands. He conducts extensive research on the flora and fauna, and provides a detailed map of the area where his ships have anchored. However, the new lands in the British Empire are remembered for … Read more



Brisbane – a multicultural metropolis on the banks of a small, unified river. The largest city in the state of Queensland and its capital. Climatically, Brisbane is subject to seasonal changes. The long, dry and relatively cool season (July-September) brings a warm, hot and humid climatic regime. During this period, heavy rainfall is a major … Read more



Overall Score 3.9 Tap water: Yes, safe to drink Religious government: Non-religious Population: 8,500 people GDP: $40,233 / year Power outlets: 230V50Hz power-plug-i Internet: 24 Mbps Best wireless: Vodafone Pay without cash: Yes, cards OK almost everywhere Tipping: Tipping in New Zealand is considered a true “merit-based” system, as it is not necessary to tip … Read more



Overall Score 3.8 Tap water: Yes, safe to drink Religious government: Non-religious Population: 13,000 people GDP: $40,233 / year Power outlets: 230V50Hz power-plug-i Internet: 30 Mbps Best wireless: Vodafone Pay without cash: Yes, cards OK almost everywhere Tipping: Tipping in New Zealand is considered a true “merit-based” system, as it is not necessary to tip … Read more

Byron Bay


Biron Bay is a city in Australia, state of New South Wales and the center of the county of the same name. It is located at the easternmost point of Australia, 772 kilometers north of Sydney and 165 kilometers south of Brisbane. The city got its name from the bay, which in turn got its … Read more

Gold Coast


To the south-east of the Austrian state of Queensland lies the city of Gold Coast, the largest tourist center in the country. In ancient times, aborigines used to live there. Because of the red coloring, the area was attractive to the Brittarians. Over time, timber trade has been one of the main areas of local … Read more



Hagatána lies on the western side of the island of Gouam and is its administrative center. In former times, it was called Agania. In 500 years, there was a settlement of chamorros in what is now the city. The first Europeans to visit the area were the Spanish. In 1668 they established a settlement there … Read more



Overall Score 3.4 Tap water: No, not drinkable Religious government: Non-religious Population: 45,000 people Power outlets: 115V60Hz power-plug-a Internet: 5 Mbps Best wireless: Docomo Pacific Tipping: Tipping in Guam is pretty common since it is a US territory. Restaurants: If service isn’t already included then you should tip about 10-15% based on the service. Bars: … Read more



Suva – the capital of Fiji. It is located on the southeast side of the island of Viti Levu, on the coast, washed by the hills of Sóóvara Harbour and Laúcaúla. The Suva was built on balmy terraces that were drenched with polders. The capital city of Fiji enjoys a circular, hot, humid year. The … Read more



In the northern part of the island of Arowa, the metropolitan center of the island of Cuca is located. It occupies the area between two narrow coves. In the past, the village was a typical southern commercial center with a small port and a poorly developed tourist industry. But in 1992, the quiet and peaceful … Read more



Apia – the capital of Samoa, the countrys only city and its only port. Apia spread out on the coastal plain of the northern part of the northern part of the Opolu Peninsula, surrounded by forested mountains. It is a warm, tropical sea climate with frequent hurricanes. Apaia, founded in 1837 by British missionaries, was … Read more



On a large island in the Pacific Ocean lies the city of Nouméa, the capital of New Caledonia, which is the peripheral territory of France. It has an ocean port that takes iron ore, copper, and nickel from the city. The city has a nickel smelting operation. Nouméas territory occupies a high elevation near the … Read more



Noucoualoupha, the kingdom of Tongas main port, is on Tongatapapa, the largest island in the archipelago. On the north side of the island, Nauquahoa is washed by the Pacific Ocean; on the south, by the waters of the sea lagoon. Before the first European seafarers, the island of Tognatapu was inhabited by the Mongols and … Read more

Port Vila


Port Vila – the largest city in Vanuatu, the main port and capital of this island nation. The city is located to the southwest of the eastern island of Efate and is sandwiched between Havana and the mountains. The history of Port Vila dates back to the late 19th century, when the English and French … Read more



The capital of the Solomon Islands is located in the northernmost part of the island of Guadalcanal, the largest in the country. Proximity to the equator determines a steady temperature regime of around 25° and the changing seasons are governed by humid mousses and dry passages. Honora – a young city. It grew out of … Read more



Funafuti – the ataul, which is the capital of Toulu. The atoll is made up of 33 islands that enclose a ring (10 to 400 meters wide) around the lagoon of Òe Namo. Fongaafale is the largest island in the Atoll. It is home to the township of Vájícu, where the government offices are located. … Read more

Port Moresby


The city of Port Moresby is the capital center of Papua New Guinea. Most of the inhabitants are Melanesians and Papuans, who use the language of their tribe. Europeans and Australians also live in the capital. A smaller number of people are Chinese. The local language, Pigeon English, is the national language. Most townspeople are … Read more