San Pedro Sula


San Pedro Sula is the largest city in the country after the capital. Its territory covers an area 60 kilometers from the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The proximity of the water environment has an enormous impact on climate and weather in the city and its environs. The present-day city of San Pedro Sula lies … Read more



The capital of Gondouras – the city of Teguciguiguilla. It is located in the southern part of the country at an altitude of 1000 meters in the upper reaches of the Choluteca River, which divides the territory into two geographical areas: flat and hilly. The level part was located at the foot of the El … Read more



Overall Score 2.1 Tap water: No, not drinkable Religious government: Religious Population: 380,000 people GDP: $2,361 / year Foreigners can own real estate: Yes Power outlets: 115V60Hz power-plug-a Internet: 7 Mbps Best wireless: Tigo Tipping: Hondurans in the restaurant and hospitality industry have meager salaries, making tips an important part of their income. Nevertheless, there … Read more

Bay Islands


Bay Islands is a group of islands off the coast of Honduras. Together, the islands form one of the 18 departments of Honduras . The capital of the department is Coxen Hole, on the island of Roatán. The total area of the islands is 250 km. In 2013, their population was 71,500. The islands consist … Read more