The main city of the Venezuelan state of Aragua — Maracay is the commercial and agricultural center. It is only 25 kilometers from the Caribbean Sea. The city is separated from the coast by a railway gate. It has a warm climate, and there is no winter at all because it is so close to … Read more



In the mountainous lands of the Caribbean Andes lies the city of Caracas, the capital of Venice. Its territory is 14 kilometers from the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It is a sub-oceanic humid climate. It rains from May through November. After a wet season from December through late April, the weather in the city … Read more



Northwest of Venezuela lies the city of Maracaquaiba, capital of Sulia State. The citys territory occupies part of the western coast of the channel that joins Lake Maracaquaye with the Gulf of the Caribbean. The eastern seaboard is connected to the eastern seaboard by the Ordenete Highway. In the city limits lies a cargo seaport … Read more