In the center of the Arabian Peninsula, in the territory of the Peninsula of Nejad, lies Er Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Quot;The Land of the Two Mosques). It originated in the lands of the land of the Wadi Hanifa valley in ancient times as a small village at the … Read more



Medina – a large city in the western part of the Saudi-Arabia, located in the Hijrajaz Mountains. Despite the generally desolate climate of the region, Mudeena is a fertile oasis. In ancient times, the oasis was used extensively by the nomadic peoples of the Arabian Peninsula, and the ancestral city of Medina; Yscrib – was … Read more



The sacred city of the Muslims, Mecca – not a lost little place in the wilderness, but a huge city, the world center of Islam, a center and point of attraction for all Muslim pilgrims. The multitudinous Mekka lies in the midst of the mountain valley, surrounded by the heights and treetops of Tihama. It … Read more



Dammam – the capital of the easternmost province of Saudi Arabia, the fifth most populous city in the country and the largest port in the Persian Gulf. It is a modern city, located in the midst of the richest oil-producing region in the Saudi-Arabia. It is not only the most important industrial center, but also … Read more



Jeddah – the countrys second largest city, transportation center and economic capital, as well as the largest port in the South Arabian Sea and the country as a whole. It is located in a rugged area surrounded by the rugged mountains of the Tihama Mountains. But Jeddah – a booming oasis of life, home to … Read more