Berlin – is the capital of Germany, located in the east of the country, with a surface area of 891 square kilometers. Berlin is an ancient city, the first mention of which dates back to 1244. Although the city was practically destroyed during World War II, modern Berlin has a number of remarkable features. Take, … Read more



Muenchen – the third-largest city in Germany, located in the south of the country and lying on the banks of the river Iszar. The city should be introduced to Marienplatz, which is in the central part of Munich. The square gets its name from the Mariners Column at its center. From it one can see … Read more



Financial Frankfurt am Maine is the financial capital of Germany and is home to the famous Automobile Show and Book Fair, known for their annual attendance of over 300,000 people. Its where the tallest buildings in Europe are located, but thats probably what explains why the city is so compact and can be hiked in … Read more



Cologne – a city in the southwest of the Federal Republic of Germany, in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The original original Latin name of the city translates as &lâtà;Ëtâínînîn colony» Cologne today is – the third largest city in Germany by area and the fourth most populous in Germany. Furthermore, Cologne is the … Read more



The city of Stuttgart is the center of the federal state of Bavaria-Württemberg and is characterized by its simultaneous location at different altitudes. Throughout the year, the Stuttgart is the center of a variety of events – exhibitions, international festivals, the Canastota National Festival, various sporting events, the European Music Festival and many other cultural … Read more



The famous and beautiful German city of Dresden is a place with many interesting and attractive attractions. One of them is the Opera House of Saxson, which is an internationally renowned theater in Saxson. At the very beginning of its development, it was only a subordinate theater and then a state opera house in Saxonia. … Read more



Hamáóðg – a metropolis in Northern Germany, lying on both sides of the River Elbe. Once a city-state, now one of the largest ports in Europe, Hamburg, in spite of the fact that it is the largest port in Europe, ÷Although it was badly damaged during World War II, it has retained a great deal … Read more



The German city of Aachen is one of the most interesting places in Germany. Its history is steeped in age-old legends and fables, most notably that of legendary emperor Charlemagne. The city was inhabited during the Roman Empire. Thanks to the local hot springs, many of the wealthy citizens of Aquacenium sought out the city … Read more



The oldest German city is Nuremberg, located in Bavaria on the banks of the River Pegnitz. The earliest settlement in modern Nuremberg – the fortified city of Grasburgburgdelach – founded in 1021. The first record of Nuremberg itself is 1050, though surveys indicate a settlement much earlier than that date. The basis of the settlement … Read more



Leipzig is one of the largest economic centers in Germany. Traditionally, this city is associated with exhibitions of European importance. A lot of tourists come to Leipzig every year, attracted by the local attractions. These are the old archaeological buildings, churches, cathedrals, and many other cultural sites. This church was built in the 19th century … Read more



The city of Hannover is on the banks of the River Leyne and offers its visitors many varied landscapes, green areas, unique natural monuments, archaeological, historic and cultural attractions. The city has quite a rich history and is proud of its origins. For the first time the city was mentioned in the documents of 1150. … Read more



The German city of Kassel is on the banks of the River Fulda and belongs to the German state of Hesse. As a city named Hassel, it was first mentioned in the charters of King Konrad of Konkonk in 913. In the Middle Ages, the village was a fortified settlement next to a bridge across … Read more



The federal state of the Free State of Germany is formed by the city of Bereven and its seaport – the port city of Brammerhaufen. And the territorially federal land is «razraborty; Brammerhaufen is 60 kilometers to the north of Brammerhaufen. It lies on the upper reaches of the Wether River, which is bordered by … Read more



Düsseldorf is an upscale city that combines lifestyle, business, shopping, fashion, culture of the Western part of Germany. Most of Desselhardts attractions are in the old town – the Rathiger Gate, the Castle Tower with the Ship Museum, the Basilica of St. Lambert, the Church of the Holy Mary, the Church of the Holy Trinity, … Read more



In the vicinity of the River Rhine near the French-German border is the German city of Kahralsruhe. It is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The area of the city is known by its name as the Law Reference. It is home to many institutions, including the General Prosecutors Office, the Supreme Court, and the … Read more



Trir – a small town on the Moselle River near the border with Luxembourg. It is officially considered the oldest urban settlement in Germany. In Roman times, Trier was known as Augustus Trierum. The city was founded during the reign of Octavian Augustus, and for a time it was just a small town. In the … Read more



Yenana, the second-largest city in Tiberinia, stretches out along the rugged banks of the middle reaches of the River Côte dAzur. It is one of the largest educational centers in Germany. He was mentioned in the official chronicles in 1189. The place belonged to the owners of the castle of Lobláóðg, after which it was … Read more



To the west of Germany, Germanys federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia is the city of Hagen. It occupies the southeasternmost part of the Ruhrburg region and is 15 kilometers from Dortmund. The citys economy is based mainly on the metal, textile and paper industries. The city is known as the Gateway to Ireland, as it … Read more



The northwest corner of Baden-Württemberg is the German town of Heidelberg, which takes over the Neckakkar River in the area where the waterway arterial drops off at a valley in Odeindel and joins the flat lands. The river joins the Rhine 20 kilometers from Heidelberg. The city is surrounded by three mountain ranges-Heislerberg, Heidelgrenerger and … Read more



North East Germanys North West Germany is Bielefeld, the economic center of the Near East Lige region. Relatively nearby are large cities such as Osnaburger, Munich, Päderborn and Hanover. Bielefeld consists of 10 counties. The ancient city was founded by Count Thomas von Rosenberg in the first quarter of the 13th century. The fortress of … Read more



The German city of Darmoestadt is on the south of the German federal state of Hessen. It received its status as a "City of Science" in 1997. Written sources testify that the city already existed in the 11th century. According to some people, the city was derived from the word darmakh, which is translated as … Read more



In the far eastern part of Bavaria, the easternmost city in the district of Upper Franconia is located in the eastern part of Bavaria. The city is on the Salle River, 286 kilometers from Munich. Just below the Hohof is Lake Unto the Lake. The site of the Hohof was the site of the ancient … Read more



In the Western part of Germany lies the city of Dortmund, located in the Ruhrgebiet of Ruhrgebiet. It belongs to the federal state of North Rhine – Belgium. To the east of it are the Eastern Basin, to the west is the Rurus Basin, and to the south are the ranges of the Andes Mountains. … Read more



On the banks of the River Rhine and the Main-Dunay Canal in Bavaria lies the German city of Erlangen. It owes its fame to the many subsidiaries of the Siemens Concern and the Friedrich-Alexander University. Erlangen is one of the centers of world-class medical technology development and production. According to archaeological research and finds, the … Read more