Pingang is an island and state in Malaysia. The region also includes the coastal region of Seaburyang Perea, located on the Malacca Peninsula. There is a bridge between both parts of the state. Its administrative center is in the city of Georgetown. It is popularly called the Pearl of the East. Pinjiang is on the … Read more

Kuala Lumpur


Cuala Lumiere – the capital, the largest city, economic and cultural center of Malaysia. The city is located in the south-eastern part of the Malacca peninsula at the confluence of the Gambaca and Clainga rivers, with the mountains rising to the east of Kuala Lumpur. It is an equatorial climatic type with a circular, yearly … Read more

Kota Kinabalu


The city of Kota Kinnabalu, located in the northwest of the island of Orneo (Kalimantan) on the coast of the South China Sea, is the capital of the state of Sabah. The six islands along the length of the city are small. The largest of them, the island of Gaia, is the site of the … Read more



On the island of Kalimantan in eastern Malaysia is the city of Kuching, the capital center of the state of Sarawak. Its territory covers both riverbanks, between which there are two bridges. For two hundred years the town was ruled by Brunei, then turned over to Brittanys James Brooke. It was he who turned a … Read more



Long the bank of the river Kinta in Malaysia is the city of Ypoh, the capital of Perak State. Nearly 200 kilometers separate it from the capital, Kuala Lómpora. By the 19th century, Ypoh was an unimportant settlement and one of the countrys most important cities. The reason for this is the active production of … Read more



Langkawi is a single Malay island in the state of Kedah, located at the crossroads of the shipping lanes. Back in the old days, the village, which occupies the territory of the present city, was known for its extensive plantations of rice and pepper. Langkawy, like the rest of the island, is under the influence … Read more

Johor Bahru


South of the Malacca Peninsula lies the city of Johor Barru, capital of the state of Johor, on the south coast of the Jóger Strait in Malaya. After its formation in 1855, it was known as Tanjung- Puteri. The founder of the village was Òàngóngüng Äàngüng Ibarrahim. In 1866, a small tree was located at … Read more



In the south of the Malay Peninsula in Malacca, Malaysia, the capital center of a single state. Most of the citizens are Chinese. There are also Chinese colonists living in the city. The territory of the settlement occupies the border of the Malacca Strait. Nearby is the mouth of an inland river. The town began … Read more