Villius – Lithuanias largest city and capital with a population of just over a million people. The exact date of the founding of Vilnius is not known, but it is first mentioned in 1323. Viljus is the largest economic and cultural center in Lithuania. For its rich history, it has been under the rule of … Read more



Caunas – a large administrative center of Lithuania, located near the place where the River Willie flows into the Kaunas reservoir. There are currently about fifty or fifty thousand people living in Kaunas. The citys name comes from its Baltic roots and means a balmy, harsh place. The exact date of the citys founding is … Read more



One of the oldest settlements in Lithuania is located on the shores of the Kura River. The Dane River splits the Klaipeda River in two parts – modern and historic. Its a place with a mild climate, cool winters and dark winters. The name «Klaipeda» has a Kurcho origin, and the German name of the … Read more