Kiev is the hero city, the capital and the largest city in Ukraine, and the administrative center of the Kyiv region. Kiev is located on the Dnieper River and is in the northern part of Ukraine. The governmental authorities are concentrated in Kiev. This is also the place where foreign nationals quarters are located. The … Read more



Loviv is a regional city in Ukraine, the western cultural center, and is considered the capital of the region of Galicia. It was founded by King Danilo of Galicia in 1254. The monarch named the city after his son Leo. In the Middle Ages, the city was a very important center. During the Austro-Hungarian rule, … Read more



Kharkiv is the largest city in the eastern part of Ukraine, the administrative center of the Kharkiv Oblast. Kharkov is the second most populous city in Ukraine after Kiev. It is one of the countrys largest scientific and industrial centers. The city is located on the Upper Cretaceous Mountains, where the rivers such as the … Read more



Odessa is a city of unparalleled beauty, not unheard of for being the pearl of the sea. Its famous for its wonderful winter attractions, its wonderful resorts, the beauty of the black sea and the brilliance of the sun, even in the wintry winter season. The city lies on the northwest coast of the Black … Read more



Located in the western part of Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk is the administrative center of the same region. Until 1962, the city had a different name – St. Basil. It was founded by Henry Potocki in 1662 and was named after his father Stanislav – the crowned city of St. Stanislav. The original purpose of the new … Read more



Kryvyi Rih – one of the most beautiful cities in Dnipropetrovsk region. It is the administrative center of the City Council. It is located 150 kilometers from Dnieper. It is considered the largest industrial center in Ukraine and is the cultural center of the Dnipropetrovsk region. It is considered one of the most ancient cities … Read more



The history of Dnipropetrovsk dates back to ancient times. The excavations that have been carried out indicate that man has loved these lands for habitation since the Stone Age. From the earliest centuries of our time, there was already a connection to the eastern Mediterranean Sea along the Dnepr River. In 870, in the middle … Read more