Luluye – it is a city in the western part of Ireland, located on the northern coast of the Gulf, with the same name as the capital of the province of Guluye. In the Middle Ages, the city has been an important trading center with economic ties to France and Spain for a long time. … Read more



Dublin – the biggest city and capital of Ireland. It is a city of great importance. It is located in the province of Leicester. It is located on the mouth of the Loughey River, which flows into the Irish Sea in the Gulf of Jubilee. The population of Durban is nearly half a million people. … Read more



Cork is located in the south-eastern part of Ireland, in the largest county in the country with the same name, and is the second largest city in Ireland, after DUBLIN. The center of the city is located on the edge of two branches of the River Lee. The center of the city is surrounded by … Read more