Vonzánsan – the center of the northernmost province of Congo (the southern part of the province belongs to South Korea), an important port on the eastern coast of the East Coast of the Gulf of Korea. The city is home to a military base. The geographic location of the port of Wonsan is advantageous in … Read more



Singyejeju is a significant light industrial center in North Korea and the small capital of Pyongyang-Puketoktu. On the Ammonokokka River, it is bordered by Chinas Danyudong Township. There are several factories in Xingyezhou that specialize in the production of paper, textile, and fabric products. The city is also known for its forestry. It operates a … Read more



Keysung – a city of direct responsibility in the CNDPR, but not part of the Huiui Puktto Province. One of the main industrial and cultural centers of North Korea. It is the most southerly city of Korea. Keysung – an ancient city. It was inhabited in the non-political times, and a permanent settlement was established … Read more



On the banks of the River Týdegun, close to the Yellow Sea, lies Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. The name is translated as “Wide World. The capital became a city of direct responsibility in 1946. ×The city is crossed by the River Patongon. Scientists believe the city was founded at the dawn of our … Read more



Kaech’n or Kaechon is a city in South Pyongan Province, North Korea. In Myohyangsan, Changansan, Ch’ŏnsŏngsan, and Ch’ŏngryongsan mountain ranges converge in Kaech’n. The highest peak is Paektapsan. The most important rivers are the Chongchun River and the Tae-dong River. 61% of the city’s territory is covered by forests. Overall Score 1.7 Tap water: No, … Read more



In North Korea, the city of Namhpy choi is a port on the Pyeongchang coast. It is the port of Pyongyang on the Yellow Sea coast. From 1980 to 2004, Namhõe was under the control of the countrys capital city, but then under the control of the provincial government. The citys territory is situated on … Read more



To the south of North Korea lies the city of Sariwin, which is the capital of the Hui Hai-Puktoku Province. It is an industrial city, a cultural center and a transportation hub. The city has a truck plant, and a potassium plant. There is a childrens hospital in Sariwan that serves 16 districts in the … Read more



Hamáóðg – a metropolis in Northern Germany, lying on both sides of the River Elbe. Once a city-state, now one of the largest ports in Europe, Hamburg, in spite of the fact that it is the largest port in Europe, ÷Although it was badly damaged during World War II, it has retained a great deal … Read more



Overall Score 1.7 Tap water: No, not drinkable Religious government: Religious Population: 240,000 people GDP: $1,300 / year Power outlets: 115V230V60Hz50Hz power-plug-a power-plug-c Internet: 1 Mbps Best wireless: Koryolink Pay without cash: No, cash only esp. for foreigners Tipping: We suggest tipping them around 15 euros (or 120RMB) per day per traveler. Obviously tipping anywhere … Read more



Chungjing is located in the center of China and is a city of central importance. It is one of the countrys largest administrative units. The history of the city is more than three thousand years old. It was originally the site of the present city of Baa – this is from the sixteenth century to … Read more