Tbilisi – the capital and the largest city of Georgia, the political, economic and cultural center of the state. Tbilisi – a city full of architectural and historic monuments that share the Old Town and the Prospect de Constabuli, which contains the most interesting of them all. The magnificent panorama of David – the Mt. … Read more



Ãîðè is a city in the east of Georgia. It is the center of the region of Chioda-Kartli, the center of the Gorean municipality. The city was founded by David the Builder, the king of Georgia of the dynasty of the Barbarites, who ruled from 1089 to 1125. The city is in the Kartli Valley … Read more



The ancient city of Batutaumi is located on the banks of the Black Sea coast in the form of a half moon. Its territory is crossed by the rivers Korylinskaya and Barkhana. The name of the city comes from the Svanic root & áàò» – stone. The Greek version of the origin of this word … Read more