Tel Aviv


Tål Aviv or Tål Aviv-Yafôa – an Israeli municipality created in 1949. It lies on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, stretching 13.5 kilometers. From its founding in 1909, it was considered the Hebrew quarter of the ancient city of Jaffa and was called Akhuçat-Baît. The present name was given to Tall Awlia in 1910. … Read more



Yerusalem is an ancient city of the Middle East. The city has been the capital of the state of Israel since 1949. Israel gained full control over its territory in 1967. In relation to the three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – Jerusalem is considered a sacred city. Jerusalem is situated between the Middle … Read more



Haifa – a city in the north of Israel, the third most populous city in the world. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Haifa and is the countrys second most important port. Before the 5th century, it was a benign Jewish settlement. During the Crusades, the settlement grew into a significant … Read more



Beyrouth – the largest city and capital of Lebanon, an important political and economic center of the Middle East, where the headquarters of several international organizations are located. For its distinctive Pro-Propean character, Beirut is called the Eastern Pier. The history of Beirut goes back some 5,000 years. The city of Beirut, founded on the … Read more

El Gouna


Overall Score 3.5 Tap water: No, not drinkable Religious government: Religious Population: 15,000 people GDP: $2,823 / year Foreigners can own real estate: Yes Power outlets: 230V50Hz power-plug-c Internet: 8 Mbps Best wireless: Orange Pay without cash: Yes, cards OK almost everywhere Tipping: Generally tipping around 10% is good etiquette at a restaurant in Egypt. … Read more



Beir Sheba – the largest city in the south of Israel, an important transportation hub for the country, and a center for education and culture. Beir Sheba – the Biblical city, where it is commemorated by the name of Bathsheba. Here the wells of Abraham and Isaac were dug, and several other events took place. … Read more



Manama – the capital, the largest city, the center of the economic and cultural life of Bahrain. The city, located on the north side of the Bahrain Sea, is the countrys main port and one of the important trading centers of the Persian Gulf. The large dam of the highway links Manama to the neighboring … Read more

Abu Dhabi


In the midst of the golden pink sands on the coast of the Persian Gulf is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, which is also the capital city of an identical empire. Its landmark is the spectacular riverfront, where the ultra-rare skyscrapers rise high into the sky. Among the attractions of the … Read more



Erevin – the capital and largest city of Armenia, the largest economic, political, scientific and cultural center of the country, as well as an important transportation hub. One of the citys highlights is the Grand Cascade. It is a unique contemporary structure, unparalleled in the nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Greater Cascade … Read more



On the coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates is the city of Sri Lanka, which is in a single territory 13 kilometers from Dubai. Over the past twenty years, the city has grown considerably, merging its territory with the surrounding villages. Now, many industrial areas, housing quarters, and former suburbs occupy … Read more



Dubai is a city (emirate) in the OAU. Originally, Dhubai was a place where the nomadic herders, fishermen, and pearl fishermen met. Today it is a major trading and business center. Its also a great place to relax. The modern, updated standards are side by side with ancient culture and archaeology. In keeping with Islamic … Read more



Tbilisi – the capital and the largest city of Georgia, the political, economic and cultural center of the state. Tbilisi – a city full of architectural and historic monuments that share the Old Town and the Prospect de Constabuli, which contains the most interesting of them all. The magnificent panorama of David – the Mt. … Read more



On the coast of the Persian Gulf lies the city of Doha, the capital of the Arabian state of Qatar and the largest population center in the country. Its territory, including the suburbs, is home to nearly half of the countrys population. The city is home to an international airport that connects the city to … Read more

Kuwait City


On the western coast of the Persian Gulf, the city of El Kouwait, the capital city of the State of Kouwait, is located on the western shore of the Gulf. The urban area is divided into three regions. The first is represented by an industrial area. The second area is made up of schools, a … Read more



Iraq is the administrative city of Dahuk, the administrative center of a single province. Most of the citizens are Assyrians and Kurds. The name of the city is translated as "Small Village. It is known as the university, which opened its doors in 1992. Today, Dahuk is the fourth largest city in Iraqi Kurdistan. The … Read more



In the territory of the western bank of the River Irondin, in its central part lies the city of Jerusalem (Romalelah), the administrative capital of Palestine. Three kilometers separate it from Jerusalem. The ethnic makeup of the townspeople is made up of Arab Christians and Arab Muslims. The metropolitan area is the seat of the … Read more



On the coast of the Gulf, surrounded on three sides by rocky hills, stands the city of Massacqat, the mountainous capital of Oman. Its territory covers part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the worlds hottest cities, with a summer temperature of +35 degrees and a winter temperature of +25 degrees. The land … Read more



On the eastern side of the Nile lies the city of Luxor, 500 kilometers from the capital city of Kairos. In ancient times, it was the capital of ancient Egypt, Wassasset. It was called the city of Phoebe. The Arabs called it al-Uxur, which means palaces. The city is known for its many ancient monuments. … Read more



Ahmana – the capital of Ireland. The city is located about ten hundred kilometers northeast of the Sea of the Northwest in the northwest corner of the country. The seven hills on which Amman broke out are symbolically represented by the national flag of Ireland in the form of a semicolonical star. The climatic regime … Read more



Bakkou – the capital of Azerbaijan, the largest city in Caucasus, the largest port in the Caspian Sea and the largest economic, scientific and industrial center in the region. The most interesting features of Bacau are in the Creta – the Old Town. The most important of these is the ruined tower – the Synkala, … Read more



Ãîðè is a city in the east of Georgia. It is the center of the region of Chioda-Kartli, the center of the Gorean municipality. The city was founded by David the Builder, the king of Georgia of the dynasty of the Barbarites, who ruled from 1089 to 1125. The city is in the Kartli Valley … Read more



Alexandria was founded in 332 A. Macedonian in the year 332 A.D. The city of Alexandria is a regular city, built according to the plan of the architect Architect Deaconocrates. The city was the capital of ancient Egypt and one of the most important centers of the Hellenistic world. Alexandria began to fall in the … Read more



Cairo, one of the largest cities in Africa and throughout the Arab world, is situated on both sides of the Nile, just south of the great estuary of the great river. Equidistant from the Mediterranean and Red Sea, the capital suffers from the proximity of Sahara, the low number of shrubs, and the exasperating heat. … Read more

Port Said


Port Saïde – is the Europeanized name for the Egyptian city of Burr Saïde. It is the most important seaport in the Middle Sea, located at the northern entrance to the Suez Canal, and the administrative center of a single governorate. It is also known as an industrial and commercial center and a seaside resort. … Read more



In the center of the Arabian Peninsula, in the territory of the Peninsula of Nejad, lies Er Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Quot;The Land of the Two Mosques). It originated in the lands of the land of the Wadi Hanifa valley in ancient times as a small village at the … Read more



The ancient city of Batutaumi is located on the banks of the Black Sea coast in the form of a half moon. Its territory is crossed by the rivers Korylinskaya and Barkhana. The name of the city comes from the Svanic root & áàò» – stone. The Greek version of the origin of this word … Read more



The eastern part of Iraqi Kurdistan is dominated by Sulayman, the administrative center of a single governorate. In the period from 1784 to 1850, it was part of the principality of Baban and had capital status. At that time, the settlement had reached its peak. It became part of the Free State of Kyrgyzstan (now … Read more



Isaiah – an Egyptian city on the left side of the Nile, a town on the outskirts of Kairos. It is known, first of all, for the fact that nearby, on the coast of Libya, there is an ancient Gaegian necropolis. The city itself was first considered «a city of the dead, because it was … Read more



Tegheraine – the capital and largest city of Iran, located at the foot of the Elbeurs River. First of all, the city is famous for its museums, of which there are many in Tehran, and for the beauty of its churches. The most popular are the Church of Kiev, built in the middle of the … Read more



On the border between the Little and Big Rivers lies the city of Erbil, the capital center of Iraqi Kurdistan. It is bordered by northern and western elevations. Arbil is one of the oldest cities on the planet that has existed and been inhabited for a long time. For a long time different occupants, among … Read more



The northern part of Iraq is 250 kilometers from the capital city of Baghdad. It is part of the same province. The area that occupies the present city and its surroundings lies between the mountains of the Horn of Africa, the River Dab and the River Tigers, the Hamryn Mountains and the Syrrhin River. In … Read more



Medina – a large city in the western part of the Saudi-Arabia, located in the Hijrajaz Mountains. Despite the generally desolate climate of the region, Mudeena is a fertile oasis. In ancient times, the oasis was used extensively by the nomadic peoples of the Arabian Peninsula, and the ancestral city of Medina; Yscrib – was … Read more



The sacred city of the Muslims, Mecca – not a lost little place in the wilderness, but a huge city, the world center of Islam, a center and point of attraction for all Muslim pilgrims. The multitudinous Mekka lies in the midst of the mountain valley, surrounded by the heights and treetops of Tihama. It … Read more



Cheraz – an ancient city in Iran, the center of the ancient province of Fars. It is located at an elevation of 1,500 meters in the Hishok river valley, surrounded by the Tang peaks (Zagros system). To the south-east of the city lies the salt lake of Maharloo. The village of present-day Chiraz has been … Read more



Overall Score 2.2 Tap water: No, not drinkable Religious government: Religious Population: 15,000 people GDP: $2,823 / year Foreigners can own real estate: Yes Power outlets: 230V50Hz power-plug-c Internet: 9 Mbps Best wireless: Vodafone Pay without cash: Yes, cards OK almost everywhere Tipping: Generally tipping around 10% is good etiquette at a restaurant in Egypt. … Read more



Dammam – the capital of the easternmost province of Saudi Arabia, the fifth most populous city in the country and the largest port in the Persian Gulf. It is a modern city, located in the midst of the richest oil-producing region in the Saudi-Arabia. It is not only the most important industrial center, but also … Read more



150 kilometers from the city of Tehran lies the city of Koum, the capital of a single province. It is the sacred city of the Shichites. It has a Moslem shrine that is the second most important of its kind in En-Najaf. Nearby are deposits of natural gas and oil. ×A highway runs through Koum … Read more



Jeddah – the countrys second largest city, transportation center and economic capital, as well as the largest port in the South Arabian Sea and the country as a whole. It is located in a rugged area surrounded by the rugged mountains of the Tihama Mountains. But Jeddah – a booming oasis of life, home to … Read more



Baghdadad – the capital of Iraq and one of the oldest cities in the world. It is full of monuments of history and archaeology, like an oriental beauty – treasures. And its narrow streets have carried the memory of the citys former greatness since the Middle Ages. The real treasures of the historic center of … Read more



In the north-eastern part of Iran is Mashhad, the main city of the province of Khorasan-Razavi. It is the main site of the Gara-Dagh and the Khazar-Darre. Mashhad has a well-developed transport infrastructure – there is a railroad, a railway station, and an international air port. About 900 kilometers from the city is Tehran, the … Read more



On the western bank of the Karoon River in western Iran lies the city of Ahraz, capital of the state of Khuzestan and the center of the iron and steel industry. The port city of Abadan, on the border with Iraq, is about 120 kilometers away. A hot, dry climate dominates the territory of the … Read more



At the foot of the Mountains of the Zayende Rood in Iran is the city of Ishahan, the capital of a single province. It is 340 kilometers from the capital city of Tehran. The urban area covers an area of land that is covered by significant transport routes that cross the country in different directions. … Read more



Sanana – is a city surrounded by mountains and located at an altitude of 2,200 meters in the depths of Lake Geneva. It is the capital of the state. The main activities of the city are trade and tourism. The main attractions are the central market of Souk Al-Milh, one of the oldest bazaars in … Read more



Damascus is the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic. It is the oldest city in the world. As early as 2050 A.D.. There are memories of Damascus. Cause most of the citys population is – Sunnites, Damascus has more than two thousand churches. The Great Mosque of the Omyayads is the most famous of them … Read more



Basrah – the center of the one and only Mahurah in Iraq, the second largest city and the main port of the country. It is located on the right bank of the South Arabian River. Northwest of Basra is Lake El-Hammar. The Arabic word for the city is Bassora, which means white stone. It is … Read more



Near the salty Lake of Turkey, northwestern Iran, lies the city of Tehran, the capital of eastern Azerbaijan. It is known for its bazaar, which is home to 20 barracks and almost as many open crossings with commercial establishments. There are several standing courtyards. Most of the citizens are Azerbaijanis. Kurds and Persians also live … Read more



On the northern bank of the River Tigris in northern Iraq lies the city of Mosul, 396 kilometers away from the countrys most famous city, Baghdad. Mosul is one of the largest megapolises. Its ethnic composition is made up of Kurds, Arabs, Jews, Armenians, and Turkmens. There are citizens of several religions, including Christians, Christians, … Read more



In the north of Syria lies the mahoosea of Aleppo (Halab). Its territory occupies a single plate. To the south-east of the region lies a part of the Syrian Desert. The eastern and northern margins of the Aleppo Mountains correspond to the tip of the Plateau. On the Euphrates River, the riverbed that crosses the … Read more



Hama – a city in Syria on the Orinte River. The fifth most populous city in the country, the center of the Mahoufahaz. The territory of Hama – it is a hilly plain. The city is traversed by Syrias main railway and automobile line. Because of its favorable climate, Hamah is an important agricultural center. … Read more



Homex – the third most populous city in Syria. It is located in the west of the country and is the center of the Homs. It is divided into two parts by the Oront (El-Associ) River. The eastern one, where the canal is the same, is old, as evidenced by ancient constructions. The western part … Read more