The capital of Taiwan is the heavily populated city of Taipei. Before the 18th century, there were small fishing and farming settlements on the territory of the city. After the Chinese began to move there, the island went through an economic boom. They attribute it to the port, which was a profitable market for tea. … Read more



The southwest corner of Taiwan is the center of industry and an important port in the country, Haoyoujoung. At the end of 2010, its territory was joined by the same name as the city. As a result of territorial reforms, HaazucĂșn became a large municipality. The citys territory spans the waterside of the Taiwan Strait. … Read more



To the southwest of Taiwan, the city of Taianan lies along the coast of the Taiwan Strait. It is the fourth most populous city on the island. The settlement is one of the central cities. From 1662 to 1683, it was the center of the state of Duninin. Then it was transformed into the capital … Read more



In the central part of western China, lies the city of Taichung. It is located between Taichung and the capital of the country. Most of the citizens are Chinese. The name of the city is translated as "Central Hawaiian. The urban area includes eight districts. The founders of Taichung are Chinese who moved to the … Read more



Jinmen, also Quemoy, is a county from the Republic of China (Taiwan) located in the Taiwan Strait between the island of Taiwan and mainland China. The main island of Jinmen County is Jinmen Island. Jinmen is located ten kilometers (6.2 mi) east of Xiamen, a city located on the southeast coast of China; the two … Read more