Medellín, capital of the Department of Antioquia, is located in Colombia and was originally founded as a mining town. From the time of its foundation, from 1616, it was called San Bernes de Auburra. From 1675, its name was changed to Villia de Nuestra-Céninhora de la Cañellaria de Medellín. The economy of the city is … Read more



The city of Carthaginian was founded by the Spanish in 1533 and served for a long time as a transit point for shipments of treasures to Europe. It included a port on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, from which gold was shipped to ships for onward shipment to Spain. Many famous pirates of that … Read more



The city of Buccaramanga, the center of the Santander Department, is in Colombia, 423 kilometers northeast of Boca. The town lies on the Lake Lebryaha River, at an elevation of 959 meters above the sea level in the East Corridors. To the east is a high mountain peak, 3,700 meters high, and to the west … Read more



In the valley of the River Cauca, the city of Calais, a provincial department of the Department of Vallée-duelle-Cauca, has sprung up in the western part of the Córdilliers. Its founder is the Spaniard Szébastien de Bellellecascasseur. Calais was laid out in 1536 and developed initially as a small settlement surrounded by plantations of sugarcane … Read more



Bogotá – a city in a high mountainous valley surrounded by the peaks of the Central Sierra. The capital of Colombia is in the equator region, but because of the altitude, the climate in Bogota is temperate, though there are occasional frosts. The area of Bologna – is a very safe region, with few earthquakes. … Read more



Pasto lies within the department of Nátrino and is its administrative center. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Atrice area was inhabited by the Killems tribes. The official year of the citys founding is 1539. It was founded by Captain Lorenzo de Alldana. The pisto is notable for its numerous constructions during the colonial … Read more



Barrarracquilla – a large city in northern Colombia, just off the coast of the Magadiana River. Barraquicilla is the countrys most important port, the cradle of the Colombian aviation and the center of the Atlantic Ocean. Its a hot, sub-oceanic climate with a humid, sunny period. Its unclear when the city was founded. Apparently, it … Read more



Overall Score 2.9 Tap water: No, not drinkable Religious government: Non-religious Population: 800 people GDP: $5,806 / year Foreigners can own real estate: Yes Power outlets: 115V60Hz power-plug-a Internet: 27 Mbps Best wireless: Tigo Pay without cash: No, cash only esp. for foreigners Tipping: On most restaurant bills in Colombia, there is a 10% voluntary … Read more

Santa Marta


In the north of Colombia, on the Caribbean Sea, the port city of Santo Marta is located. It is the center of the Department of Magadan. The city lies 964 kilometers north of Boga. Nearby the city are the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The city of Santa Marta was founded in 1525. After the river Maundade … Read more



The region of Campania is located in the south of Italy. The region is divided into five provinces: Avellino, Naples, Salerno, Caserta and Benevento. The administrative center of Campania is the city of Naples. Most of the regions territory is taken up by the mountains, the rest by the Primorsky plains: the Salyernaise and Naples … Read more