Copenhagen – Denmarks largest city and capital. The historic part of the city is located on three islands: Sloths, Zellandia and Amager. The population of Copenhagen is about a million people, if you count the cities. In the 12th century, Kopeningagen was a small village that was transformed into a fortified city when Bishop Aaculon … Read more



On the eastern coast of the Gulf of Orchus-Bugt in the eastern part of the eastern peninsula of Denmark lies the city of Orchus, the administrative center of a single commune. On its territory there is a large sea port, which is still developing. In the summer of 2007, the Tall Ships Race sailed out … Read more



One of the most remarkable Danish cities is the city of Oljlborg in Northern Ireland. The first settlement in this area dates back to 700 A.D. The choice of the site was primarily due to the convenience of the city, which allowed trade with all the neighboring peoples. The first time the settlement is mentioned … Read more

Torshavn, Faroe Islands


Torshovin, & ‖God Tor‖; – the capital of the Faroe Islands. It is the largest populated point of the & ndquo;Sheep» islands and the most important transportation hub. There is the only air port on the islands, there is direct service to Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, and Norway, and the port of Torshavn is used as … Read more