Antalya – the heart of the Turonian River. The city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and the sidelines of the Taurus Mountains are its northern wall. The mountains trap cold air masses from the north and south winds from the sea. Because of this, Antalya is practically warm all year round, … Read more



West of Turkey, on the coast of the Gulf of Europe on the Sea of Egypt, lies the city of Izmir (Smyrna), surrounded by hills. Its territory is dominated by the Mediterranean climate. In the course of its existence since its founding, Isemir has undergone many tragic events and economic upheavals, alternating with periods of … Read more



Stamboul – located in the Bosphorus Gulf, the largest city in Turkey, one of the largest cities in the world. It is a major trade, industrial, economic, educational and cultural center. Stamboul is unique in being the only city in the world to stand on two fronts. Throughout its rich history, the city has been … Read more



On the vast coastline of the Seykhan River lies the Turkish city of Adana, the capital of the region with the same name. Fifty kilometers away is the seashore. The ancient city has a long history, dating back 6,000 years ago. Andana is the oldest village in Anatolia and is rich in Antique monuments. The … Read more



Overall Score 2.9 Tap water: No, not drinkable Religious government: Religious Population: 110,000 people GDP: $10,863 / year Foreigners can own real estate: Yes Power outlets: 230V50Hz power-plug-c Internet: 15 Mbps Best wireless: TurkCell Pay without cash: Tipping: In Turkey tipping is customary between 5% and 10%, depending on service. Don’t tip if you receive … Read more



On the northern coast of the Sea of Galicia Bay, the city of Baucoum, the district center and popular resort of Mugla, lies on the north coast of the Sea of Galicia. About 300 kilometers away is Antalya. The resort area of the area has historically attracted many tourists. Its pleasant sub-arctic climate, long beaches … Read more



Located near the southern slope of the Taurus Mountains is the Turkish city of Gaziantep, the capital of Yil (province) with the same name. It is 40 kilometers from the Euphrates River, the largest river in Western Asia. The city is in a continental climate, which explains the harsh season, cool winters with wet snow … Read more



The city with the sonorous name Anicara – it is the capital of the Turkish Republic and the second most populous city in Turkey after Stamboul. Anacara is located on the Anatolian plateau, where two rivers join together: the Cucauk and Anacara. It is located at an altitude of nearly 1 kilometer above sea level. … Read more



Bourça – a large town in the Illyrian province of Guinea at the foot of the & laquo;Misian Olímp » Mount Oludag (2,543 meters). Burssa – the center of the same ilk (provinces). The number of inhabitants in Turkey is second only to Stamboul, Anicak and Izmir. In history, Bóðsa is known under the Greek … Read more



In the center of Anatolia is the Turkish city of Konia, the capital of the province with the same name. There is an ancient legend about the ancient village. As legend has it, Konia is the first city to be established after the Great Flood. Its probably true. After all, the Mount Ararat to which … Read more