Lagos – the largest city and seaport of Nigeria. Located on the shores of the Gulf of Benguela and the Laguna Laguna, it covers practically the entire territory of a single state. Administratively, it consists of a large number of districts, which, scattered over long distances from each other, are interconnected by road transport districts. … Read more



In the central part of Nigeria, the young capital of the country, Abuja, has sprung up in the middle of the steppe country. It became a capital city in December 1991. Before this momentous event, the main city of Nigeria was Lagos, 800 kilometers from Abuja. The creation of a new city center was announced … Read more



The southwestern part of Nigeria is the city of Abadan, the capital center of Oio. The majority of the ethnic population is represented by the Yoruba people. The citys territory lies at the intersection of highways and railroads. It has developed trade, farming and agriculture. The name of the city has several different names. According … Read more

Benin City


The Republic of Benin is a small state on the west side of the African continent, with a small part of its border adjacent to the Benin Gulf (part of the Gulf of Guinea). Cotonou is the largest city and is the seat of government, with Porto Novo as its capital. In ancient times, the … Read more



In the northern part of Nigeria, the city of Kano, the capital center of the state under the same name, has sprung up. It is one of the largest settlements in the country. The ethnic composition of its inhabitants is mostly that of the homeland. In 2000, the Constitution was introduced throughout the state. For … Read more



In the north-central part of Nigeria lies the city of Kaduna, the capital center of a single province. It is home to a number of important railroad connections. This is why the present Kaduna is the center for the distribution, preparation, and transportation of agricultural products from areas close to the city. The iconic symbol … Read more

Port Harcourt


On the Nygère River, on the banks of the River Donnie, on the southeast side of Nygère is the administrative center of the River Region, the capital of the state of Providence, – the city of Port Harcourt. It is 66 kilometers from there, and the Gulf of Geneva is 66 kilometers away. The town … Read more



In the land of the northern region of Nigeria lies the city of Záraria. Its territory covers part of the North-Central State of the country. Modern Georgia is known as an important transportation hub where rail lines and highways intersect and diverge. The city is surrounded by an agricultural region, where the main crop is … Read more



The Nigerian city of Oniça is part of the state of Anamira. This city is washed by the waters of the Nègère River. People speak two languages: Yigbo and English. The city was founded by descendants of Banin in the 17th century. In 1857, William Balfourou Bayeki was granted permission by the king to build … Read more