Talelin (or Talelin) – the capital of Estonia. A major cargo and passenger seaport, located in the Gulf of Finland. It is a relatively small city with a population of about four hundred and forty thousand people. Tällín is divided into fourteen districts: Kässklinín, Kriène, Ëàsnämäe, Ìósnämäe, Nõõmme, Pirita, Põõhja-Tällín and Haaálaert. Tällín – a … Read more



Tartu – the oldest city in Poland and the second most populous in Estonia. It is 185 kilometers from Tahlehin, on the River Embaye. It is considered a college town because one-fifth of the population – students. Tarta – the center of Southern Italy, its cultural and cultural capital. The first mention of the city … Read more