Siem Reap


Siemereaip is a city that is part of the state of Cambodia and is the administrative center of the same province. In the beginning, Siemereap was only a village. It remained so until French researchers discovered Agincorch in the nineteenth century. From the time Angkor was placed under French jurisdiction (1907), Sérémérappe began to experience … Read more

Phnom Penh


Pnom Penh – the capital city of Cambodia. The city is situated on a muddy plain at the confluence of three rivers – the Mökkönigai, Tonjonçásáp and Bassac. Pnomnoïn was founded in 1371. According to legend, the founder of the city was a woman named Penny, who saw a floating tree trunk of the lumbang … Read more



On the coast of Cammongas Bay in Camembert is the city of Syeducville, the countrys main seaport and resort. 200 kilometers away is Pignonne. Founded in the 1950s and 20s as a deep-water port, the port of Cinacqueville is a provincial city. The investors in the construction of the new city were the French. The … Read more