Moscow — is the capital of the Russian Federation. Moreover, Moscow is the largest city in Russia and Europe in terms of population. According to data from January 2011, there are 12.5 million people living in Moscow. Moscow is one of the worlds ten largest cities. Moscow is the historic capital of the Grand Duchy … Read more

Saint Petersburg


13 (27) May 1703 is the date of the founding of St. Petersburg. When the Swedes were defeated, Peter the Great ordered to lay the fortress in the delta of the Nivea. At first there were small wooden structures, but in a few years they were replaced by substantial structures. The foundation of the city … Read more



Krasnodar is practically midway between the equator and the North Pole, on the so-called Golden Line, which is considered to be the most prosperous place to live. Here, summer lasts for several months, and the number of sunny days exceeds the days of bad weather. It is a marvelous region of the country – a … Read more



Krasnoyarsk is a major Russian city, the center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Krasnoyarsk was founded by a Cossack detachment in 1628. The warlord Andrei Dubeyen laid a wooden fort to protect the borders against the nomadic peoples on the confluence of the Katy and Yenisei rivers. Orrog was named by the name of the place … Read more



Nizhny Novgorod – founded in the 13th century at the confluence of two rivers, the Oka and the Volga, is a city that has preserved its timeless spirit to this day. The citys main attraction is the Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod, which is rightfully considered to be the most magnificent and grandiose medieval fortress in … Read more



Saratov is a large city located in the south-eastern part of Russia. There are many hypotheses about the name of the city. The most common is that Sărătov is derived from the words sărăta&quot and tau&quot, which means yellow mountain. Currently, this hypothesis is incorrect, but the real answer has not been found. The city … Read more



Kazan – the capital of Tatarstan, an ancient city that has crossed the border for thousands of years, now an important scientific and educational center of Russia. The citys multicentennial history, geographical location and huge and multicultural population provide tourists with a full range of vacation opportunities, regardless of personal preferences. A city of this … Read more



Novosibirsk is a social, social, business and cultural center of Siberia. The first settlements in the area of the modern city appeared in the 17th century. Thus, the river Ibe divided the area into two parts: on the left bank there was the village of Post (later – Krivlevyokovksaya), and on the right side there … Read more



The name Vladivostok was derived from the words Vladevostok &Laquo;Vladevostok» and Vostok». In 1860, on the coast of the Bay of Pieter the Great, the ocean carrier «Manchuecheur; commanded by Captain Lieutenant Chefener, built a military post, which became known as Vladivostok. From 1958 on, Vladyvostok had not been visited by foreigners for 30 years … Read more



Chelyabinsk is one of the largest cities in Russia. It was a tank town during the World War II. The city became a millionaire in 1976. There are several versions of how the name of the city came to be. One of the oldest explanations of the city is the word silәbe» a large, shallow … Read more



Yekaterinburg is one of the largest cities in Russia, the center of the Sverdlovsk region. In the distant spring of 1723, Peter the Great began construction of an iron works, the largest in Russia. November 7, 1723, was the birthday of the city. On that day, the factorys workshops produced the first battle pistols. The … Read more



In Siberian terms, the city of Tomsk is quite ancient. It was founded in 1604 on the banks of the river Tomi by the Russian king Boris Godyonov. In the 17th century, Òîìscow was a supply base for the Russian Kazaks, who were going to explore and conquer the eastern lands. Historically, Tomsk has been … Read more



Samara – a city of millions of people, an important financial, scientific and transport center of Russia. The historic center of the city – its practically a museum under an open sky in which old mansions mix with wooden houses. In the place where the sturdy towers were, the Bread Market Square, where in the … Read more



Kaliningrad is the administrative center of a single region. Located at the point where the Prussia River falls into the Gulf, it is the westernmost regional center in Russia. However, its German history ended on April 9, 1945, when the Soviet storming of the city by the Soviet troops, commanded by General Vassilievsky, ended for … Read more



Izhevsk, a city with more than two hundred years of history, one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, is the capital of Udmurtia. Izhevsk has always been an industrial city, in fact, the history of the city began with the construction of the railway plant on the river Izh. In October 1757, by decree … Read more



Soche is a resort city located on the Black Sea coast of the Western Caucasus. Popularly, the city of Sochi is known as the summer resort capital of Russia. In 2014, the city of Sochi hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics at the Krasnaya Polyana in Adelaide. City is located just about midway between the equator … Read more



Volgograd is a major city of the Volga River, the center of the Volga region. The citys origins are associated with the name of Ivan the Terrible. In the beginning of the XVI century the Russian state consisted of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so it was necessary to protect the new borders from the attacks of … Read more



Omsk, located on the West Siberian Plain on the banks of the Irtysh River, is a major regional city with a developed industry, infrastructure and culture. The primary function of the original settlement, founded by decree of Peter the Great in 1716, was to defend the frontiers against foreign enemies – the nomads. At the … Read more



Obinsky, located in Kaluga, on the banks of the River Protiva, is the first scientific city in Russia. Obinskys history dates back to 1588 – 1589. It is from this period that the first written records of the villages of Balkkino, Pyatkino, and Sampsonovo, which are now part of the city, are recorded. The owners … Read more



Novocherkassk is proud to stand proudly on a steep and rugged ridge between the Akka and Tuzla rivers, emblematic even of its very location as a Cossack stronghold and liberty. The history of Novocherkassk is not unlike the history of the Don Cossacks as a whole. As is well known, the Young Folk have never … Read more



The city of Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The city is located on the bank of the White River, and the railroads that pass through Ufa connect the cities of Western Siberia and Central Russia. Ufa was founded as a fortified city in 1574, supposedly on the site of an ancient … Read more



Ulyyanyansk, the administrative center of the Ulyanovsk region, is located at the maximum confluence of two rivers – the Volga and the Svyatoya. Initially, the city was founded as a fortress of Cínbířířsk, by decree of Alexander Miyakyevich Khitrovs father Boris Matveyevich in 1648. The purpose of the city was to protect the eastern borders … Read more



Rostov-on-Don is one of Russias largest administrative, cultural, industrial, and scientific and educational centers, a significant transport hub for the southern part of the country. It is located on the Don River and the eastern eastern European basin, 1,067 kilometers from the Russian capital. The history of the city dates back to the time of … Read more