Buenos Aires


Bouyonos Aires – the capital of the Argentine Republic and one of the largest cities in South America. The name of the city is «City of the Holy Trinity and the Port of Our Lady of Grace, Saint Mary of the Good Winds». Bójóños Aires was founded in 1536 by Spanish captain Pedro Mendoza on … Read more

La Plata


On the coast of the same estuary lies the city of La Plata. It occupies part of the province of Buenos Aires and is its capital city. The city was founded in 1882, after the Federal District gained its status. This necessitated the creation of a new county that could adequately perform the functions of … Read more



Cordova is the second largest city in Argentina. It is located on the banks of Rio Primera, and right behind it are the Sierra de Córdova Mountains. In our days, Córdova is a modern industrial center. The city center is unusually compact – its easy to walk around. The majority of the population of Córdoba … Read more



Salta occupies a part of the same province and has the status of its administrative center. Todays economy is flourishing because of the development of the food and oil processing industries. Founded by the Spanish colonists in 1582, Salta was first established as a fortification between Argentina and Peru. At that time it occupied a … Read more

Mar del Plata


On the Atlantic coast, on the coast of Buenos Aires, lies the town of Mar de la Plata, known as an important fishing port and a major resort with a developed leisure infrastructure. Lively beaches, pleasant climate, popular theaters, popular restaurants, fashionable hotels and lively discotheques are the main components for a great time in … Read more



The city of Oujaiya is located in the province of “Burning Earth, Antarctica, and the Southern Atlantic Island; and is the administrative center of the province. Located on the banks of the Beagle Channel, it is surrounded by highlands. As the southernmost city on the planet, Washuaia is known as a popular tourist destination and … Read more



On the coast of the Pauran River in Argentinas Santa Fe territory lies the city of Rosario, a seaport and railroad hub of great importance to the economic development of the north-eastern part of the country. Together with its neighboring cities, Rosario is a major agglomeration. The depth of the harbors quay makes it possible … Read more



In the westernmost region of the country, 111 kilometers from the highest mountain in South America, Aconocoa, is the city of Menendez, which has the status of the metropolitan center of a single province. It is known as “the city of wine and good wine. It gets its name because of its favourable climatic conditions … Read more