King Edward Point

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King Edward Point (also known as KEP) is a permanent British Antarctic Survey Research Station on South Georgia Island and is the capital of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It is located in Cumberland East Bay on the northeast coast of the island.

Overall Score

  • Tap water: No, not drinkable
  • Religious government: Non-religious
  • Population: 20 people
  • Tipping: If you are sitting down to a meal at restaurant with wait staff, tipping will be expected. The customary tip is 15 to 20 percent of the total bill, but there is nothing stopping you from giving more or less.
  • Apartments: Airbnb
  • Hotels:
  • More hotels:
  • Monthly costs for expat: $4400
  • Monthly costs for family: $9600
  • Monthly costs for local: $2700
  • Meal: $14
  • Small Cola: $4.5
  • Beer 1 Pint: $10
  • Coffee: $7

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