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Tashkent – the capital of Uzbekistan, the largest city in the country and Central Asia. One of the citys main attractions is Friendship of Peoples Square, an architectural complex, The architectural complex, which includes the parliament building with its unique architecture, the 16th century Méditerranée de lIsle of Man, is a memorial to the Abdulkassim of the Cheikh dynasty, A memorial to Alisher Nawavy, a concert hall, a park, the natural lake surroundings, and a cultural complex, dedicated to the family of the Smiths of the Shamakhids, who were the sons of five hundred sisters during the Great Patriotic War.

ââ¬ËœThe main historic feature of Tashkent is the 14th-century mausoleum of Çàí-ata and Ammara-abîbi. He died in the middle of the 13th century, and the famous preacher Chekhov-philosopher Kangan-ata was buried not far from Tashkent. Later, according to the opinion of Tamerlane, on his grave and the grave of his wife – Ambarababy – was erected a large memorial complex, consisting of three parts: A large garden, a 14th & ndash; 19th century architectural ensemble, and a cemetery with a mausoleum at Ambarabe. The main part of the complex is located around the mausoleum of the shaykh, in the mausoleum there is a magnificent stone monument decorated with artistic carvings, Later, in the late 19th century, the tower was built in front of the mausoleum, and in the beginning of the 20th century – the medresse. In consequence, a minaret was built in the middle of the courtyard.

The main place of recreation for citizens and visitors to Tashkent is the Amir Timur Park, located in the center of the city. It is surrounded by state institutions on the one side and a number of beautiful picturesque picturesque picturesque picturesque windows on the other.

Tashkent is the only city in Central Asia to have an underpass. Construction, begun in 1973, was completed in 1984, and the result is two meter-long lines with a total length of 47 kilometers. The beauty and beauty of the formations qualify the Tashkent metro as one of the most beautiful stations in the world.

Ansemble Chaykhanterur – a mural complex of three mausoleums built in the 15th century. The largest of them is a descendant of the King Hana & ndash; the Hanas Nuños. To the east of it, in a small garden in the 19th century, the Cheikhangtura mausoleum was reconstructed, In front of it was the 15th-century Caldergarh Bahia Museum, which became famous for its pyramidal double-headed domes.

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100 USD = 1,106,986.21 UZS

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  • Air quality: 106 US AQI Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. The general public is less likely to be affected.
  • Tap water: No, not drinkable
  • Population: 2,400,000 people
  • Population density: euro euro not busy: 16x16m 256m per person
  • GDP: $2,116 / year
  • Power outlets: 230V50Hz
  • Internet: 3 Mbps
  • Best wireless: Beeline
  • Tipping: In Uzbekistan tipping is not compulsory or expected, however, tips can be given optionally if service is particularly good. Restaurants/ Cafes/ Bars: most of them automatically apply 10-15% service surcharge to the customer’s bill. No additional tipping is needed, however it is appreciated.
  • Apartment listings: Golden Pages
  • Apartments: Airbnb
  • Hotels: Booking.com
  • More hotels: Hotels.com
  • Best taxi: Yandex Taxi
  • Best coworking space: T4K
  • Best hospital: Tashkent International Clinic
  • Best short-haul air carrier: Uzbeikistan Airways
  • Best intl air carrier: Uzbekistan Airways
  • Monthly costs for expat: $490
  • Monthly costs for family: $500
  • Monthly costs for local: $150
  • Meal: $1.5
  • Small Cola: $0.3
  • Beer 1 Pint: $0.8
  • Coffee: $0.5

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