Dededo Scores

  • Friendliness to outsiders: The attitude towards foreigners is very open, calm and friendly.

  • Free WiFi: Free wi-fi is available in almost all hotels, but its speed raises many questions. In cafes and restaurants, you sometimes have to pay for an Internet connection.

  • Nightlife: At the same time, the level of quality of services provided in most of these establishments is significantly high.

  • Walkability: Unfortunately, hiking through the city is not comfortable. It is much better to use motor transport to move.

  • Female friendly: The relationship between men and women is quite liberal, a woman has all the rights and freedoms. But the way of life in society continues to be patriarchal.

  • Income: Unfortunately, the local population in Dededo has very low salaries as low as $0 a month.
  • Workspaces: Unfortunately, it is hard to find places to work from in Dededo.

  • Traffic safety: A lot of work has been done in Dededo to ensure road safety. That’s why the road accident rate can be considered as low.

  • Racial tolerance: Speaking of prejudices towards representatives of another race, it should be noted that the natives are very positive to all races.

  • Internet: Slow-moving Internet can interfere with normal work rhythm and communication.
  • Fits for families: There are not so many places where you can spend a good time with your family and children, but almost all of them provide excellent service.

  • Safety: Unfortunately, the situation in Dededo is not calm, the level of security is extremely low.
  • LGBTQ friendly: The attitude towards the LGBT community by the majority of citizens of Dededo is fine.

  • Startup friendly: In the past few years, startups have gained high popularity, increasing the flow of money invested.

  • Entertainment: Dededo has a lot of entertainment, cafes, clubs, restaurants, places to relax with friends, romantic dates and just to have a good time.

  • Quality of life: In terms of health care, demography, education, environmental conditions, economic conditions, employment, the standard of living can be assessed as good.

  • English: The locals speak English perfect.

  • Expenses: Dededo has quite high prices for food and accommodation. Usual monthly spendings are around $3100

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