La Serena

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La Serenas beautiful beaches, climate, beautiful landscapes, and cuisine rich in seafood dishes have made it the countrys most popular beach resort.  However, this oldest Chilean city is known for more than just its tourist destinations. Copper and silver have long been mined here. Minerals were mined and used to make different everyday items. The rare, secretly prepared and aged wines can be enjoyed in local cafes and restaurants.

La Céréna treasures the evidence of the Spanish states presence in its lands: the colonial houses, churches and markets of the various trades. In this town one can get an idea of the archaeology and artistry of those times. They are located in the area of the River Elka and represent the natural value of the region. La Serena has served as a transit port from its founding, linking Santiago and Lima.

La Serena has been a major seaport, linking Santiago and Lima.

100 USD = 3.46 CLF

Overall Score

  • Air quality: 52 US AQI Moderate. Air quality is acceptable. However, there may be a risk for some people, particularly those who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.
  • Tap water: No, not drinkable
  • Religious government: Religious
  • Population: 210,000 people
  • GDP: $13,794 / year
  • Foreigners can own real estate: Yes
  • Power outlets: 230V50Hz
  • Internet: 15 Mbps
  • Best wireless: Movistar
  • Pay without cash: Yes, cards OK almost everywhere
  • Tipping: Most bills have the total and below it a suggested 10% and a new total including this amount. If paying by card they ask if you wish to include the total plus the 10%. They are not allowed, by law, to give you a bill with the 10% already included in the total.
  • Apartment listings: AirBnb
  • Apartments: Airbnb
  • Hotels:
  • More hotels:
  • Best taxi: Uber
  • Best short-haul air carrier: LAN
  • Best intl air carrier: KLM
  • Monthly costs for expat: $1000
  • Monthly costs for family: $1600
  • Monthly costs for local: $460
  • Meal: $6
  • Small Cola: $0.8
  • Beer 1 Pint: $1.1
  • Coffee: $1.1

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