Leipzig Fors & Againsts


  • Not overfilled with people
  • Efficient healthcare system, highly qualified doctors
  • Clean air without pollution
  • Locals speak English, but do not always form correct sentences, speak briefly the most important
  • Internet speed is excellent
  • Good safety
  • Very high level of secondary and higher education
  • Appropriate for families with children
  • Women really do not have to worry about safety
  • Very favorable business environment
  • The traffic is very well organized, the roads are excellent
  • Relationship between people and authorities is based on the principles of democracy
  • Feel free to express your opinion or point of view publicly


  • High prices for food and accommodation
  • Not a lot of cafes and restaurants, places to relax and have some entertainment
  • Cool in winter
  • Many smokers
  • Current weather is chilly
  • Very wet and humid weather
  • Bad atmosphere for making new acquaintances and friends