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On the banks of the Gen Yang River, close to the Poyang Lake, the Chinese city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, has sprung up. It has an ancient history that dates back to ancient times. There is an international airport and railway lines from Beijing to Jiujun and from Shanghai to Qunming in the territory of the modern city.

Machine engineering, especially vehicles and agriculture, has developed in this area. There are food processing enterprises, including butter and flour production. Textile and pulp and paper industries are in operation. Traditional craftsmens workshops are functioning. There is a university where students from many cities in China study. The city is famous for its museum museum of political leaders, the Red Commanders Zhou Enlai and Zhou Yei.

The ancient city has grown old. Its first structures were laid in 201 A.D. during the reign of the Han family. At that time, the name of the village was Han. As time passed, from the second half of the 6th century, the name was changed to Hanchengou. In the summer of 1927, the rebellion of the communists in Nanjingang against the Homingdang broke out. The leaders of the revolt were João Dieu and João Enlai. In retrospect, the day of the rising, August 1, would be celebrated as the birthday of the Red Army of China, which would later be called the National Liberation Army.

The city has managed to preserve its historic monuments to the present day. On the banks of the River Hana stands the pavilion of Prince Týn, dating from the 7th century. Throughout the centuries, the structure has been rebuilt and restored many times. The Old Citys old paving is considered to be the tallest structure in the old part of the city.

Even more remarkable are the Garden Garden of Jiangyun, the building of the former Chew Dyu Reich, the park area of Yingyun, and the exhibitions of the Jiangyun Provincial Museum, Among them are unique objects of Chinese antiquity, and the Fang Jieming Revolutionary mausoleum, built by Fang Jieming in white marble.

100 USD = 677.53 CNY

Overall Score

  • Air quality: 97 US AQI Moderate. Air quality is acceptable. However, there may be a risk for some people, particularly those who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.
  • Tap water: No, not drinkable
  • Religious government: Non-religious
  • Population: 1,800,000 people
  • GDP: $8,126 / year
  • Power outlets: 230V50Hz
  • Internet: 2 Mbps Internet in Nanchang is fast averaging 16 Mbps but the Great Firewall slows down speeds to foreign websites by 8x to 2 Mbps.
  • Best wireless: China Mobile
  • Pay without cash: No, cash only esp. for foreigners because WeChat is very hard to set up
  • Tipping: Tipping in China is generally uncommon and can even be considered rude or embarrassing in some circumstances. Seriously. Leaving money on a table in an authentic restaurant may confuse a staff member or cause them stress. … Even worse, gratuity is illegal in airports and some establishments.
  • Apartment listings: Gabinohome
  • Apartments: Airbnb
  • Hotels:
  • More hotels:
  • Best coffee 24/7: Palace Hotel Nanchang
  • Best taxi: Didi
  • Best hospital: Beijing United Family Hospital
  • Best short-haul air carrier: EVA Air
  • Best intl air carrier: Air China
  • Monthly costs for expat: $600
  • Monthly costs for family: $950
  • Monthly costs for local: $270
  • Meal: $1.6
  • Small Cola: $0.3
  • Beer 1 Pint: $0.8
  • Coffee: $0.5

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