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Fortressa is 3.5 hundred kilometers south of the south of the Catania Mountains on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Its hot all year round and has a lot of precipitation.

The exploration of north-eastern Brazil began in 1500, when Vincente Pinsons ships docked on the coast they named SantAnna da da da Convinceña. But the discovery of this land was unnoticed. It was not until 1603 that the Portuguese founded the port of San Tiago at the mouth of the city. For some time in the 17th century it was owned by the Germans, who built the fort of Schönonenborg. The Portsugalians, who had taken over the fort, changed it to Fortamentaleza da Nasa Senyiora da Assunção, or simply Fortamentaleza (Portuguese for the fortress of the fort). Fortaleza became the administrative center of the province of Séra in 1799. Prior to that it was part of Pernamágucú. Frontalaza in the early 19th century was a major agrarian center specializing in cotton. The port location of the city was the reason for the citys portability, which raised the status of the city. After Brazil gained independence (1822), Fort Charles developed its social infrastructure and the railroad. The growth of the city in the 20th century was due to the appearance of industrial plants, a modern port and the relocation of people from rural areas in search of work. Since the 1990s, Fortortaza has rapidly become one of the tourism centers in Brazil.

Fortortortortortazas reputation as a tourism center is due to the first aquapark in Brazil, opened in 1989. The Fortress Beach Park &nash; &nash; is a huge tourist complex with hotels, beaches, restaurants, parks, museums, souvenir shops and, of course, an aquapark. The highlight – the 41-meter-high Insano (Brain) hill, the highest on the planet. DUrgau du Mar – the historic center of the city, where museums, galleries, cinemas, cozy cafes and lively concert halls are located. Fortalaza – a city of distinctive musical musical spectacle and the birthplace of many dances. You can learn about it at the Museum of Marrakatu. Other highlights of the Fortress are the Museo de Séara, the Cathedral, the Májaca de Maurice, Pálaseo da Luz, and the Statue of Irasema.

100 USD = 525.15 BRL

Overall Score

  • Tap water: No, not drinkable
  • Religious government: Non-religious
  • Population: 860,000 people
  • Population density: euro euro not busy: 15x15m 225m per person
  • GDP: $8,649 / year
  • Foreigners can own real estate: Yes
  • Power outlets: 115V230V60Hz
  • Internet: 21 Mbps
  • Best wireless: TIM Brazil
  • Pay without cash: Yes, cards OK almost everywhere
  • Tipping: Brazilians have a friendly reputation, but tipping is not a part of the culture. Restaurants: A 10% “servico” charge is often added to the bill. While there is no legal obligation to pay it, it’s customary to do so.
  • Apartment listings:
  • Apartments: Airbnb
  • Hotels:
  • More hotels:
  • Best taxi: Uber
  • Online electronics shop: Submarino
  • Best hospital: Hospital Monte Klinkikum
  • Best short-haul air carrier: Voegol Air
  • Best intl air carrier: TAM Airlines
  • Monthly costs for expat: $550
  • Monthly costs for family: $1050
  • Monthly costs for local: $300
  • Meal: $3
  • Small Cola: $0.5
  • Beer 1 Pint: $1.4
  • Coffee: $1

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