Shanghai Fors & Againsts


  • Current weather is warm
  • A lot of entertainments, cafes, restaurants and places to relax with friends or just to have a good time
  • Favorable business environment
  • Women really do not have to worry about safety
  • Appropriate for families with children
  • Efficient healthcare system, highly qualified doctors
  • Clean air now
  • Very good safety
  • Mild weather conditions in spring
  • Locals speak English, but do not always form correct sentences, speak briefly the most important


  • Not good atmosphere for making new acquaintances and friends
  • Does not differ in the manifestation of democracy
  • Cool in winter
  • Students do not score enough for the average educational level
  • Too many smokers
  • Realy heavy traffic with bad road conditions
  • Freedom of speech is quite limited
  • Internet is a serious problem when it comes to work or communicate with family and friends
  • Slow-moving Internet
  • Overfilled with people