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Chinas Chinese province of China, Chinas largest industrial center, is located in Chinas Dongdong Province. The city district consists of 5 districts and 3 counties. It is one of the largest industrial cities in the country. It is a traditional industry of its own. The Museum of Porcelain can trace the history of the industry from its inception through its exhibits. The city has historically been known for a large market for a variety of Chinese products.

The main industries of the modern city that drive its economy are textiles, petroleum, coal, metal and pharmaceuticals. It is known as the center of culture and history. It is home to numerous tourist firms that specialize in organizing trips to historic sites in China, in particular to a section of the Great Wall of the ancient kingdom of Yi, to the Museum of Puneunlin, a Chinese writer, to the burial site of burnt horses during the ancient Kingdom of Zhou, and to the Museum of Ancient Wheels. One of the modern urban areas of Lingyun was the ancient trading area of the Kingdom of Yi, whose land was occupied by Ying Chihuang in 221 A.D.

The territory of Yingyun is an open trading area. It is home to a variety of international institutions, including the Customs Administration and the Consumer Rights Center. There are foreign companies from America, Germany and Japan that are investing in the citys economy.

At the turn of 1993-1994, partnerships were formed between one of the Russian cities, Novgorod, and Chinas city of Ölök. The following year, representatives of the two cities signed a partnership and business relationship agreement. From 1996 to 2009, there were formal negotiations on the development of trade relations between the cities.

One of the citys well-known institutions of higher learning is the Polytechnic University of Guangzhou. It was founded in 1956. There are two theaters and a city museum. It only takes an hour to drive from the city to the famous Taysheng Mountain. Its also a short distance from the city to the birthplace of the philosopher Conception.

100 USD = 669.95 CNY

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  • Air quality: 135 US AQI Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. The general public is less likely to be affected.
  • Tap water: No, not drinkable
  • Religious government: Non-religious
  • Population: 2,800,000 people
  • GDP: $8,126 / year
  • Power outlets: 230V50Hz
  • Internet: 2 Mbps Internet in Zibo is fast averaging 16 Mbps but the Great Firewall slows down speeds to foreign websites by 8x to 2 Mbps.
  • Best wireless: China Mobile
  • Pay without cash: No, cash only esp. for foreigners because WeChat is very hard to set up
  • Tipping: Tipping in China is generally uncommon and can even be considered rude or embarrassing in some circumstances. Seriously. Leaving money on a table in an authentic restaurant may confuse a staff member or cause them stress. … Even worse, gratuity is illegal in airports and some establishments.
  • Apartment listings: Ganji
  • Apartments: Airbnb
  • Hotels: Booking.com
  • More hotels: Hotels.com
  • Best taxi: Didi
  • Best short-haul air carrier: Hainan
  • Best intl air carrier: China Southern Airlines
  • Monthly costs for expat: $900
  • Monthly costs for family: $2700
  • Monthly costs for local: $800
  • Meal: $1.9
  • Small Cola: $0.6
  • Beer 1 Pint: $2.5
  • Coffee: $4

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