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You wont be disappointed if you decide to spend a vacation in India today. You wont be disappointed if you choose to spend your vacation here. With a huge shoreline thats washed by the Arabian Sea, its just like a fairy tale you can fall head over heels in.

You will need a visa to travel to Hora. There is usually no problem, because the Indian Embassy is more than happy to issue all the necessary documents within 2-3 days – and you can go on vacation. Remember, if you have more than $5,000 with you, you must declare it. In addition, Indian customs control also prohibits the import of various tobacco products into the country: no more than 200 cigarettes are allowed in one trip.

The first people to take part in the ââ¬Å¢s holiday were the uncomfortable hippies. In the 60s, India and Geoa were places of love and psychological freedom.

Indias two national languages – English and Hindi, so tourists who come here dont have to worry about being misunderstood. And Gotha is considered one of the most Europeanized states in India.

Indias main religion is considered to be Islam, but there are also large communities of Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims.

Most people in Russia and CIS countries like to vacation there, and some even choose Homa as their permanent place of residence. The rainy season is short, and the pleasant, temperate climate makes the local vacation very comfortable.

It attracts large numbers of forward-thinking young people from all over the world. The small towns authorities attach great importance to a different kind of lifestyle and music. A vacation here will be very interesting and welcomed by fans of this kind of culture. There are plenty of discotheques and pubs, from which this original music can be heard, especially for them. Its also a place where you can go to a night of private clubs that leaves no one indifferent.

At the same time, they have not forgotten about those who love the classy way of life. A small number of comfortable and comfortable hotels have been designed for them. A large riverfront line offers a huge number of beautiful beaches, both deserted and crowded. And, of course, a holiday in Hà offers the opportunity to visit a few of the various archaeological monuments that have remained here since the colonization of India. There are many beautiful churches here, also from the time of the colonization.

A stay in Hanoi will always be remembered by tourists; it can be an unforgettable experience, both for its natural surroundings and for its ancient Indian culture. People who are new to India and do not know much about local customs should be aware that it is not acceptable to wear revealing clothing (costumes), especially for women. Also, it is not customary to kiss or make out in the streets or public places. The exception to this is in the ââ¬Åstate.

A vacation is not complete without your visit to the Law Salon. This procedure will help you gain strength and equilibrium for your next retreat.

When you return home, you will remember this beautiful and fascinating country for a long time. Its just the kind of place you want to go back to.

100 USD = 8,143.15 INR

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  • Tap water: No, not drinkable
  • Religious government: Non-religious
  • Population: 1,800,000 people
  • GDP: $1,706 / year
  • Foreigners can own real estate: Yes
  • Power outlets: 230V50Hz
  • Internet: 9 Mbps
  • Best wireless: Airtel
  • Pay without cash: No, cash only esp. for foreigners
  • Tipping: At restaurants, you should tip 10 percent for standard service. If someone really went out of their way and the service was exceptional, you can tip up to 15 percent. If the bill is quite high, like over 1,000 rupees, you can tip a little less.
  • Apartment listings: Goa Holiday Homes
  • Apartments: Airbnb
  • Hotels: Booking.com
  • More hotels: Hotels.com
  • Best coffee 24/7: Hotel La Calypso
  • Best coffee: Cafe Goa
  • Best taxi: Ola
  • Best coworking space: Coworking Goa
  • Online electronics shop: Amazon
  • Best hospital: Vintage Hospital
  • Best short-haul air carrier: Air India
  • Best intl air carrier: AirAsia
  • Monthly costs for expat: $700
  • Monthly costs for family: $750
  • Monthly costs for local: $220
  • Meal: $2
  • Small Cola: $0.3
  • Beer 1 Pint: $1
  • Coffee: $0.7

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